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Is anybody else's post disappearing/taking far longer than it should to arrive?

Just wondering if there was a problem at the sorting office again: I'm on Burgoyne and I've got at least four items that should have arrived last week/the week before last and are still awol. Anybody experiencing the same or - as I've long suspected - does the Royal Mail really have something personal against me?

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My sister lives in the States and on 13th October posted four birthday cards, (from her, her son and his two sons) at the same time, on the same day in the same post office, to arrive here for me before this Sunday. The first one arrived on the 19th. The second on the 25th and the last two on the 26th.

Why so spaced apart? No doubt the USPS will blame our postal service whilst they will blame the USA.

OK for me, A parcel posted in Edinburgh borders at 2.00pm yesterday was delivered to me at 11.00 a.m today. That's pretty good, I reckon.

Well done Tim!

Clearly the stuff at the top of the pile is being dealt with first....

So the 2 parcels that I had missing have just been delivered - 3 weeks later. I’ve also seen some poor postman dragging a huge sack and crates of parcels up and down the street so it’s looking like things are starting to come through. Hopefully the same for the rest of you 

Yes, two just arrived here... 3 weeks late.

do you mind me asking which road you live on, please?

I've just got one of the two-week-old ones! Maybe the other will arrive tomorrow... Or in another week!

Pemberton road


Well, I'm still waiting for two things posted a fortnight ago today (as well as two more things posted a week ago). Perhaps they're solving this problem on a road-by-road basis

I'm also waiting on 2 first class small parcels for about 2 weeks now, and I'm on Pemby... not sure the end is in sight! Oscillating between frustration and resignation, and remembering the pandemic times when things took 6 weeks to arrive. I d/k... I find royal mail/post office gets romanticised a bit, but the service from other providers is so much better these days :/

Same here - I’m waiting on 2 first class parcels for 2+ weeks. Spoke to the postman today who told me there is a new person starting next week and that he will be working through the backlog. 



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