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Is anybody else's post disappearing/taking far longer than it should to arrive?

Just wondering if there was a problem at the sorting office again: I'm on Burgoyne and I've got at least four items that should have arrived last week/the week before last and are still awol. Anybody experiencing the same or - as I've long suspected - does the Royal Mail really have something personal against me?

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I had a letter arrive last week that was posted to me 6 weeks previously that I'd given up for lost. Definitely experiencing odd delays.

Our shepherds hill neighbourhood watch group has uncovered 2 men intercepting post w the help of the post man who seemed to have been investigated before. Bank fraud is one of the things uncovered and the police are now investigating. Opening new bank accounts & intercepting mail w PIN numbers etc. Enables criminals to transfer and withdraw money from your bank accounts easily. Fraud made easy by dodgy post worker it seems.

I too am on Burgoyne. Letter post has been dreadful for a long time, often wrongly delivered mail which we deliver ( often nearby ladder roads). This week for the first time in my life I received no birthday cards in the post, close friends and family still send cards. It’s appalling that people go out choose a card, buy a stamp and it doesn’t get delivered. 

Is there nothing that as a group we can do?

I guess if enough people are annoyed by it, we could communicate our dissatisfaction to our local sorting office. It would have to be by email, though, as it would probably get lost by post

This is my story this past few days. I purchased an item of clothing from the US and it was shipped over by the United States postal service. It arrived in the UK on the 13th of October and was sent out for delivery by our beloved Royal Mail. I received an email last Weds afternoon telling me that the item had been successfully delivered at 1.38 in the afternoon, as confirmed by the tracking. I got home around 5pm and there was nothing on my doorstep. I checked with my neighbours and they were not handed it and it was not thrown into our gardens. I live in a small friendly block of flats and my 2 neighbours and myself are always happy to accept each others deliveries when no one is at home. I went online at the Royal Mail to see what I can do but as its an order from overseas they are not willing to oblige and just inform me to go through to the sender in the US. I ended up telephoning their customer services last Thursday and after a 30 minute wait I spoke to someone who told me he is going to give my local sorting office's (Wood Green) manager 3 days to investigate where my parcel is. I was given a ref no and was told that I should receive an email within six days and that they are confident I will get my parcel by Monday (tomorrow). I've also been in communication with the Royal Mail on their Twitter account and am waiting for a response after sending them a couple of DM's regarding my tracking number and delivery address. I'm just amazed that my goods can come all the way from New York city without a hitch but as soon as the Royal Mail get their hands on my stuff it simply disappears into thin air. I'm not hopeful that I'll ever see my item (that cost me £78) ever again and I'll end up loosing my money as the sender in the states is washing his hands as he sent the item out properly and it's a Royal Mail issue, not his. The Royal Mail really are a sham and they can't keep using Covid as an excuse for poor service again & again. They're not fit for purpose and with the amount of competition they have with better organised courier services I wouldn't personally use them again. 

There is a pattern here. Packages are sent, we are notified it has been delivered, it has not! 

We had to go back to BooHoo as the sender of one recently, and the onus is on BooHoo to chase it. Thankfully they just replaced the item, but somewhere there is a nicked package in the wrong hands. 

Today we had a relative (the second I should note) who has asked if a package has been delivered here for a recent birthday. Neither has arrived. 

Until this morning I was ready to let my apathy get the better of me (as many of us will- life is too short, right?) but now I am annoyed and want answers. 

This is the Royal Mail Complaints procedure.

This is the Ofcom advice on postal complaints for Royal Mail

From what I can see there is little external oversight of Royal mail, so it looks initially to be the poacher (literally) overseeing the game keepers! I will let you know how I get on. I would say it may need sufficient critical mass of individuals all complaining for RM to take this seriously. 

I feel your pain Justin, I really do. I hope that your missing packages, like mine, eventually get to us. I had a response from the RM Twitter this morning saying that Someone will be in touch asap. I await their response. Good luck. 

P.S. I see that the Offcom address is St Rollocks retail park. The R at the start should be a B! 

Last year I had an ongoing issue with Royal Mail delivering to Chesterfield Mews instead of Chesterfield Gardens.  No joy ringing Royal Mail or reporting it via their website despite repeated attempts.  In the end I sent a public Tweet to them complaining about their appalling service.  Within an hour I'd been DM'd, my complaint was passed on to the local team, and it stopped happening.  I'd advise everyone else to do the same - a Tweet that's visible to everyone seems to be the kick up the bottom they need!

Just to add to this, my aunt (who sent one of the original missing parcels) has now taken this up with her local Post Office (barnet) who gave her this phone number to contact Royal Mail:   03457 740 740.    She rang them and they have investigated;  they tell her that our local sorting office in Haringey has particular problems due to illness and COVID (incidentally they also gave her this excuse back in March 2020 when she was investigating the disappearance of my 50th birthday present - so it’s a very long standing problem).   This Royal Mail helpline has now put in a formal complaint on her behalf to the Haringey area manager.  This, they say, has to be investigated and if there is no result within 72 hours the matter can be taken further.

It may be worth taking this route, especially if there is a critical mass of people complaining as Justin (husband) has suggested. I intend to chase this myself too.


Came on here to see if anyone else has had post missing .... looks like they have. I've been waiting for  2 parcels from Ebay for 2 weeks now. 

Last year they seemed to prioritise parcels that were 1st class and from big retailers (or at least that was how it seemed) during the Covid wave - wonder if they are doing the same again. 

It sounds like there is a very definite problem with your sorting office/RM delivery.

I'm in St Ann's, N15 and I think our post comes through a different sorting office and delivery system. I've had no problems recently, and even at the peak of the pandemic we didn't have the level of disruption several people have described here on this thread. Currently all my RM letters and parcels arrive within a couple of days of posting, sometimes next day.

I don't say this in a boastful way just to give context to, what sounds like, a dramatic difference between sorting offices. Maybe I'm just lucky but no one on my local WA group is complaining about missing post.



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