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Is anybody else's post disappearing/taking far longer than it should to arrive?

Just wondering if there was a problem at the sorting office again: I'm on Burgoyne and I've got at least four items that should have arrived last week/the week before last and are still awol. Anybody experiencing the same or - as I've long suspected - does the Royal Mail really have something personal against me?

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I'm in a similar position. When the RM went private I thought it was supposed to improve their service?

Just read a letter in one of the broadsheets, someone in W4 getting two birthday cards a month after, must be a wider problem.

We have had a few parcels not delivered. 

I have to say I get pretty pi**ed about having to pay extra to guarantee RM fulfill a service I am already paying for... They are not long for this world as a business if they cannot up their service against the likes of Yodel/Hermes etc.

yes, it's mainly been parcels in my case, too. Although there are at least two letters posted 10 or more days ago that are still out there.

On those days when there are actual deliveries, the times seem to be becoming increasingly random. I wonder whether our regular postman is off and others are covering for him at the ends of their rounds.

The plus with the Royal Mail is that they don't generally just dump stuff in my garden if I'm out (unlike Yodel and DPD - Hermes less so). But if they fail to deliver an item at all, then that negative outweighs the plus.

Interesting to read these posts.  Very patchy around the country.  Our Royal Mail service in Yorkshire is brilliant.  Hermes have delivered parcels to the wrong address more times than we can count.

I think we've got to accept that the postal service is a thing of the past and not rely on it wherever possible.

I recently was waiting for a customs charge notification from Royal Mail itself. It was never delivered so the goods were returned to sender.

I used to regularly send cards to Denmark and it would take 2 days. Post Brexit and with a pandemic my last card took more than 3 months.

I've had two parcels I've sent from the Green Lanes Grand Parade Post Office over the last couple of months go missing.  Admittedly I didn't pay for tracking  - but you shouldn't really have to pay extra to ensure something gets there!

Me too Betty

I've had a parcel that according to the Royal Mail tracking it was delivered to my address this afternoon but it wasn't. It got all the way from the US to the UK safely and securely but once the Royal Mail got their hands on it its become an issue. It boggles the mind how a company can be so inept. 

I've had the wrong mail delivered several times recently - this week something for Rutland Gardens which is streets away and has a different postcode. They got the door number right, though! I always re-deliver misdirected mail, but I'm not sure everyone would bother.

Curiously, I often get post for the corresponding address in Stanhope Gardens (which I also redeliver). It's almost as if Green Lanes is a mirror in the eyes of the Royal Mail.



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