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Now that I have a potting shed, I tried buying hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs for indoor display.  The bulbs arrived in mid November and I put them in potting compost in the cool and dark.   They had starting to show some growth by mid December and I moved them into a light but still cool place.  We started to bring them into heated rooms by Christmas although few had flowered by then.  Mostly they started to flower in mid January and some are now past their best.  One mistake I made was was to put three different colours of hyacinth together in a bowl only to find that each variety progressed at a different pace.  Our results with amaryllis were particularly fine.  Each of the four bulbs produced two or three towering stalks.  Here is one in its prime:

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Impressive! Everything seems to be growing much earlier than normal. Our little garden was covered in wild garlic in December, it's still not flowered though.




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