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When a new restaurant opens locally, I always worry about whether it will be good enough and if it will survive. 

It seems like there's nothing to worry about with the newest culinary kid on the block. Indika Indian Kitchen really seems to have hit the spot with locals. I've rarely seen such a positive collection of reviews for any other local restaurant. I may be tempting fate, but so far there have been 60 comments on four separate forum posts and all have been positive. 

Rather than give you a personal view about the food this time round (though I will do that another time), I'm going to let some of those comments do the talking for me. I can vouchsafe that the comments were all made by established HoL members 

Food was very good, fresh, tasty and very well presented. The menu is wide and I'm really looking forward to exploring it. Everyone at the table commented that the food is light and easy to digest, not greasy as is too often the case.

Customer service was excellent and I really hope these guys will do well because they deserve it. Papadums, one main and one side each with rice and naan came to £15 each. No drinks because it's BYOB. - Christian

I just had the buffet lunch there (available 12 to 5 pm daily from today). It had a good variety for vegetarians and meat eaters and was definitly not greasy (like some buffet places). It was not too potato based like some indian buffets and included some cauliflower bajis. The tandoori chicken wings were fresh and succulent and the Tarka dal was particularly tasty. All staff were also very pleasant. All in all, the food was excellent value at just under £10 per head. - Pav

We've just ordered a take away to be delivered, friendly and helpful staff and our order arrived within 20 minutes which we were very impressed with especially as we were really hungry after a day out.

The food was delicious, as others have said not a hint of greasy-ness. The cauliflower and potatoes were fresh and crisp and all the sauces were very tasty. Our children thought it was much better than my attempt at curry so we'll definitely be ordering again. - Julie B

We have never had such delicious mouth watering food anywhere else in London. We took the kids and they both asked If they could go back tomorrow for dinner they liked it so much.

It is so clean and fresh and sparkly the plates and cutlery are spotless and all kept in a warm up oven.

They have lovely attention to detail, are fantastic with the kids and none of us have ever had a chicken tikka like it believe me it's special get yourselves down there for a night off from cooking you will not regret it. - Tina

I don't often take the time to both writing a review but I loved the takeout we had on friday night - definitely will be going again and recommeding to friends. Delicious! - Emma

The food is terrific - one of the best curries we've had in a long time – and the service impeccable. We've been back since, with a large group of friends, and they were all raving about the food too. Can highly recommend! -MLB

Fantastic restaurant - I've been three times, and also ordered a take-away since it opened, and the food has been brilliant each time.  A very welcome addition. - Rachel Radice

See what I mean? If you like Indian food, you just have to try this place. Remember it's BYOB.  So grab a bottle of your favourite wine (or beer) and head on down. Ali, Tahir and Syed will be sure to give you a warm welcome.

Whether you've tried it already and had a good experience, why not go ahead leave your reviews on the restaurant's Google+ page to spread the word.

Indika Indian Kitchen: 473 Green Lanes, Harringay (Just near the bottom of Mattison Road).

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On the basis of these recommendations, we tried their delivery service on Wednesday.  The food arrived on Wightman Road in 15 minutes and was excellent.

Fantastic restaurant and staff. I wish them all the very best,the food is so yummy.


We tried it tonight. Very, very impressed with the food and the service was friendly and attentive. Lovely to have another fabulous restaurant we can walk to.



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