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There's a video circulating on social media of an MPS Haringey policeman kicking a 16 year old black boy in the head during a (in their words) proactive patrol after a few robberies in the area. Surprised no one has mentioned this yet. It happened last Tuesday 8 December on West Green Road. The police have of course issued a statement too. However the statement is appalling and in no way justifies what we can all see: a grown man, a police man, punching a child in the head. 

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Reason for this afternoon's March / Rally this afternoon  And resulting traffic issues 

It's not about all police being bad. It is the environment in which they work, the institution that employs them. The police service itself needs to be fully reformed. This idea of "bad apples" will never solve the problem. All police officers are capable of doing bad things. The institution needs to change.

Whatever happened, and I have not seen the video, a 16 year-old is not a child. At 16, I was full-grown and in the army. Furthermore, I can see nothing " appalling "  in the police statement.

In all likelihood these children were picking up their GCSE certificates from Parkview. They had all been pupils at Parkview. The time allocated for certificate pickup was 1-5 pm. The incident happened at 16:50, metres from the school gate.

Which children ? The ones who allegedly put 3 policemen in hospital?

Have you got a link for this allegation?

A sad but entirely justified response to racist policing, most likely.

If you say " most likely " you don't know the facts. Please don't attack the police (or anyone ) on unwarranted supposition. It doesn't help.

The footage is quite alarming and it certainly looks like the officer used excessive force with that punch.

You can understand the anger that this video would arouse, particularly given the context of policing of the black community over the past half century and more recent events.

The police statement implies, more complete footage of the event changes the narrative. I wonder if the police were wearing bodycams?  

The BBC piece on this incident is here.

Maladyboy (OP), does the video show the policeman "kicking" the boy in the head?  Or as you say three lines later did you mean "punching"?

Apologies I was quite upset after watching the video so I made a mistake when I posted my discussion. And after reading the now deleted hurtful comments I decided to take a break from the site. 



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