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What a delight to see and to sample the menu at Il Bebo's - the new Italian restaurant on Wood Green high road. 

The food, welcoming service and interior are excellent. Hopefully their impressive standards will be maintained over time...

This beautiful addition can hopefully be a catalyst to boosting the evening / night time economy in this stretch of the high street - Badly needed and overdue in this location.

I have no interest other than wanting to see this restaurant thrive, which is why I mention it here...  - For other locals who appreciate decent Italian food and want to support and have such restaurants in the area!

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Thanks for posting i did'nt know this opened and will take the family to check it out and support

Whereabouts on Wood Green High Road?

It’s the old HSBC bank I think.

I saw it today. This sounds terrible but it looks too good for Wood Green high street! Let’s hope it is the start of what the future could be like.

Good luck to them!

A little Caveat - felt obliged to revisit after positing here. The (main) dishes on the second visit were underwhelming by comparison to the great insalate etc that I tried on the first (different chefs since opening day?).

Will definitely go again, possibly to see what their pizza is like. Fingers crossed and yes, good luck to them - hopefully a long lasting, positive addition to the High Road.

Just read the menu and for an italian chicken carbonara, chicken risotto and chicken on pizza sound disgusting

I went last weekend. Love this place. The lasagne was exceptional. 


I’m going to give this a try tonight; as anyone else been in recently? I’m wondering what the pizza is like.



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