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EA system, shelves, Available from this Sunday to Sat next week once brought down from walls. End of tenancy and returning the flat so last chance to collect is Saturday 1st of September, collection from N8 Crouch End.There are 5 but one is slightly crooked as per pict.

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Can you please post the external dimensions of the cubes? That would be really helpful. Thank you. Also, do you mean Friday 1 September or Saturday 2 September?

Hi Cristopher,

Apologies for the late reply, pick up would be latest by tomorrow Sunday 3rd Sep at lunch time, I am not able to measure the cubes as have moved out already but would say 400x400x 200mm deep? Let me know if you are interested asap, thanks

Thank you for the dimensions. Can you tell me where in Crouch End the cubes would need to be collected, please? If it is near to a bus route, I could probably come over by bus (with luggage trolley) or by cab, around 12.30-2.00pm. Does that sound OK for you? They look pretty solid, and we have a load of places where we could put them. Thanks. It would be a shame if they went to waste.

Great, happy you can have them and yes on a bus or Uber should work. I will be there around 12.30h, hope that works. Can you send me a request to connect and will give you the address? thank you.



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