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I've had enough of virgin broadband. Anyone got some suggestions on other providers

I have a broadband wifi , phone and tv package. average monthly bills about £57

can anyone recommend another service provider?

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I'm with BT.

Approx £37 a month for broadband, line rental, free anytime calls to UK landlines, McAfee protection, wireless.

Touch wood, never had an outage in 5 years, no viruses.

Very happy with the service.

Thanks john and Stan. I am looking for a TV package too. Nothing too fancy but with cartoons for the boy. 

I recently changed from Sky to Talk Talk and would highly recommend their services.

Very reasonable prices, the option to add Sky Movies/Sports on a monthly basis and an excellent range of catch up and on demand television. Oh, and the Broadband is brilliant, in a totally different league to the awful service I had from Sky.

If you don't want fancy TV, plusnet also resells BT's infinity, and customer service is infinitely (pun intended) better.

just FYI, Plusnet is wholly owned by BT, though their customer service is currently separate.

If you want extra TV channels, and don't want to use Virgin, the only other serious game in town is Sky.

Look at www.uswitch.com for comparison of suppliers. When you have then ask Virgin if they can match the best price you can find.

Also the uswitch broadband speed test (same site) is a useful measure of how your broadband provider compares to other local providers - though if you use wifi it may be that changing the channel your wifi operates on within your house can double or treble your data speeds.

It is worth just ringing them and asking if this is the best deal they can offer. Ive often managed to shave a few quid off my bill just by asking

I tried that and I got a few quid off but when I went to Sky for a comparison and then back to Virgin to see what they could offer, as I have been with them for 7 years, they brought the price down a lot more but you have to get put through to the cancellations team as they seem to have a bit more power on the price adjustments.

That's what I have with Virgin...all inclusive. We haev fibre optic cable and top speeds. Can't really say I was impressed with BT when I was with them many years ago. I don't wnat an ugly satellite dish on my house ANYWHERE!

Negotiate with Virgin...!!!

Negotiate with Virgin...!!!


I had enough of Virgin's prices and a few weeks ago told an operative at their Philippino call centre that unless they could improve their deal, I would be looking elsewhere. I was switched back to a UK representative who offered a much better (bundle) deal. The other day, I did similar for mobile. What is irritating is that I've been paying more than necessary for some time.

Paying marginal costs is crazy; a fixed amount (say, monthly) better reflects the company's own cost base and fairer all round.

AVOID VIRGIN MEDIA if you need a reliable connection. Virgin's broadband is decent enough When it is working, but Outages are frequent. The connection drops without notice (even when this is allegedly due to 'routine maintenance" - when you'd expect Virgin to have the decency to inform customers of this in advance). Over the years, I had lost connection on a few occasions just before I had to send documents that I was working on, which were expected elsewhere. Very frustrating. The phone line also proved problematic in my experience. For overseas calls, Virgin seems to have some questionable routing issues over Internet protocol - calls to some countries sometimes fail to connect after dialling (although the time counter does not fail to kick in, incurring charges). This does not happen with alternative providers such as BT. If you want to avoid losing connection when you need it - I suggest you Avoid Virgin.

I suppose the Virgin service is more reliable here in Tottenham than in Haringay because I've rarely had issues and I can be at home and online or in front of internet TV during the week ! Our speeds are due to go up again soon too! I agree with a previous post that the VM phone service is a rip off!

But with VM you have access to wi fi on the tube though! And They do provide relatively good customer response times despite the parrot like overseas (india?) call centres!



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