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Not tried it myself but they're none too keen on chilli powder, I'm told.
chicken wire over the top of the pot. It's the only way and it does actually work. Easy to cut with scissors, secateurs etc. Just arrange around pot so properly covered but plant able to get out as it were and job's a good'un. Until the bastards learn how to unpick the said wire which is probably only a matter of time... ;)
Try a mirror, might make them contain their rage to bury anything they find. Apparently it worked for a duckling, admitedly for a different reason (it was lonely after the all family had gone shopping or something) and yes ducklings and squirrels are different, I know.
Great thanks guys. Sounds like between the three we have a solution!
Chicken wire or the plastic green stuff you can buy in rolls. Stops cats pooing too. But are you sure is a squirrel, odd time of year fior that - could it be a fox? (sorry, don't want to depress you completely!)
I do get foxes, but I'm not aware of them digging in the pots. Do they do that?

You hadn't buried your old Budgie in there previously had you..? 


It's to do with the smell .. our human noses are useless - but foxes, cats and all the rest smell stuff we don't even notice.. Liz's chilli powder obviously would disguise the other smell.. maybe it was marked earlier by another animal..?

Foxes do dig in pots especially if you have fed the plant with bone meal.
This happens almost every night in my garden & its foxes over here. Am tempted to call highgrove & get Camilla over with the houndsf 
Like!! So am I, but in Tottenham, N17 :))
trap them, and rehome them in Hackney worked for us!
Squirrells bury food in planters. Sometimes they forget where.



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