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So it's still gonna cost LBH ctax payers approx £25,200.00p per week for this arrogant borough to guard the Oakfield plane and menace the public to boot !!


Don’t forget this is the council that’s also spending c £180,000 on re-naming Black Boy Lane in the teeth of local opposition….

They were only six weeks late in issuing the money but I suppose for LBH that’s considered meeting their deadline 

What's the current state of affairs with this ?

I see that the tree is still standing.

I took a peek over Easter, and found the white plastic sheeting, the scaffolding. and yes the x number of guards, all gone. The tree back to normal as ever, but a Injunction order wrapped up on the tree thus:

Thanks for the update, but this isn't the tree along Oakfield as it crosses into Quernmore ?

The notice must be wrapped around the lamp post then.

Otherwise nobody would be bothered about a thin tree like this.

Sorry, its a notice about the tree attached  around a 'Give Way ' 'mini roundabout' sign pole. Not the best of places to read it but Haringey doesn't seem to employ people with common sense. Or actually it probably bans attaching said notice to tree itself. !

Following a successful appeal by a neigbour, the injunction against Haringey is still in force until the case is heard.


The very worst of news:

They waited until everybody had forgotten about it, but they want to cut this beautiful tree down !



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