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Parks, libraries, halls: cities pay price of austerity by selling their heritage

Councils up and down the country have been accused of “selling off the crown jewels” in their efforts to cope with funding cuts and the impending loss of £18bn in central government grants.

Read on: Sunday's Observer.

Comments re open as I write. NB in particular the one from 10.09 Monday by DontLieToMe  (what a great name for an LBH contributor) who throws in some useful links including one which seems to suggest that not all members of the Chiu family which controls the FEC have been uninteresting to the forces of law and order. 

Twitter fans, do the Chiu's tweet?

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I too was sent a link about the FEC, Pam Isherwood. Trouble is, I have no solidly reliable way of checking it. And too many things circulating on the net now seem to be untrue.

Whereas stuff about Mr Bingle's terrapins is checkable and accurate. As are councillors' luncheon club dates.  Although the latter seem to have the odd idea that supping with the developer doesn't need a long spoon, provided only that councillors declare it. Which technically may be accurate. Though ethically and politically, could turn out to be a deep and smelly hole in the ground.

I didn't want to pass comment on the competence of the actors in this farce as I feel unqualified but... what are the council smoking?



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