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You may have got this leaflet through the door in the last day or two explaining how to recycle your small electrical items. On the off-chance that you didn't, the Haringey Council page on how to get them collected is here

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Eureka!  Thank you.  I did take a couple of bags of such items to Western Rd a few months ago but I had to drop them from such height into a nearly empty skip that I'm sure anything useful would have been smashed and I've been reluctant to return.  I have plenty more to get rid of so.....

I did not receive that, thanks for posting. Just to clarify, can I put a cat in a bag and book a collection?

I usually take my small electricals to B&Q where they have a bin for them. Or I cross the border to Hackney which is full of small electricals recycling bins.

Sarah, the demented Bagpuss is what comes after those miscreants that chuck their small electrical items onto the streets. Humans of Haringey, you have been warned 



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