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Does anyone use or walk through Downhills or Lordship Rec after dark? I mean early evening 5-7pm. 

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Probably not a good idea.

Yes I have done it for years as I work in Lordship Hub in Lordship Rec and often leave around 6pm or later and walk across the Rec to Lordship Lane. I have never had any problem and am an older woman. Obviously there can always be an incident anywhere but police say that it is a relatively safe place to be. I dont know about Downhills. Lordship Rec is a well used route from Broadwater farm to the buses in Lordship Lane so there are often people around.

Personally I wouldn't. I cycle regularly through them during daylight hours, but after dark is a different matter. There have been a lot of incidents in chestnuts and Finsbury park.

Most days for about 4 years walking and cycling. Never had any trouble and never seen any. 

I go running in the evenings in Chestnuts Park and also Downhills Park. Chestnuts seems fine - quite busy. Downhills seems fine too. There are the odd strangers loitering in the dark but I just run past them

Not been Park Keepers or Dog patrols for many years, part of Councils cuts

Like any unlit area it pays to be careful

The Police do not Patrol Parks, as the Council did not want to offend some users

Make sure that you have a mobile that has a signal in the area and a personnel Alarm 

And beware that most Parks / Open land has Foxes and stray cats and other wildlife 

Be Safe

I would say definitely not. Please please don’t do it as a lone woman.

its only 2-3years since that young girl was murdered in Finsbury Park cutting through on her way to work about 5-6pm I think. So not safe, 

Sometimes I will take my dog to Downhills after dark. But only if I have agreed beforehand t+with another dog owner that they will meet to enjoy dog things.

And he is a big (but nonscary) dog.

Wood Green Pound Shop - Turnpike lane end has Cob Headlights for a £1.00 Very bright.has a head strap but seen some put the on clothing with Velcro . Cyclists

Has three setting normal, extra bright and flashing . Runs on 3 Triple AA batteries 

If you are 6 foot plus and a martial arts/boxing champion, OK.  If not be very careful and wary.  For women, convicted sex offenders often lurk in parks, looking for victims. Only walk where there's lots of light and several other people are about.  Otherwise, avoid any dark park or alley. Sad but true.

Oh and there was a serious mugging in Downhills a couple of years ago - a couple were mugged for their phones and the guy was stabbed - near the cafe at 8 a.m.

I go through Downhills pretty often and it seems fine, much less dubious than Finsbury Park. The main path from West Green Road (the cycle entrance) to Downhills Park Road is quite brightly lit, the paths to the East and West less so.

Understand Finsbury Park, is still used by people in Sex Trade. Reason so many shady people around



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