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Today (Sunday) was the first of four Wireless festivals/concerts in Finsbury Park. I'm surprised there are no posts about it. Did it affect you? Any feedback (or photos) is being collated by the Friends of Finsbury Park.

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Apologies but most of what you say is not true. The organisers have done nothing to alleviate all that residents against asked for in terms of litter, noise, anti social behaviour and noise. For many thousands in the blast zone it's a hell we have no choice over. Wireless didn't go well, there was a huge amount of negative press on TV and in papers and the breaking of license and land use rules by Live Nation is at an all time high.

You like em, I don't, I'm just pleased I'm not you.

And to think the original post came from a Friend of Finsbury Park..... Sheesh.....

All the tweets above are after the one night of the June 28th show. They're all dated June 29th. There were only 16,000 present that night so your comments are hardly  representative of the whole 4 day Wireless event. The main event was July 3,4,5 and thats when the fun really started. The FoFP Twitter account, not available to all of us to access at the moment, was silent after that but individual accounts of me and many many others were alive and followed and retweeted. 

Bearing in mind our experience this year we don't want a next time. Your first two sentences are hopelessly misleading, sorry.

I don't thank that anyone can say what most people in the area thought. I don't use Twitter, so wouldn't have posted anything,negative or positive. There really is only one way to find out and that is to ask.

You are of course right - but difficult to do which is why people opt for social media. Tris seemed happy to mislead with his selectivity... if there is such a word...

You perpetuate the misleading... FoFP is not responsible for allocating money but as I'm just a coglet in the gearbox of all things I'll refer your question to high command. Perhaps by the same token you can accept that you only selected tweets from one rather low key night...frankly I wouldn't want to lump you in with anything or be lumped in with you.

I completely understand the difficulty of gauging opinion. You can't even get most people into a polling booth! But there is no single way, the approach has to be on lots of channels.. My social space may be this site but my nextdoor neighbour's might be a pub or place or worship.

By the way, I think that Tris has a valid point about how environmental impact money has been spent and what the planned projects are. If we're expecting transparency from LBH that has to extend to all interested parties. Plans for spending may even get more people interested in getting involved in helping to shape and deliver them.

Again Michael I agree but the reality is Haringey isn't transparent and turning Finsbury Park into something like the O2 Finsbury is pretty high on their agenda. The councils dodgy consultation of 2013 means they could, if they wanted have something like 15 days of events with setup and takedown on top of that.... in total that would be Finsbury park walled off like it has been for 3 months, no tennis courts, the whole area between Finsbury Park gate and Manor House sealed off....You have the voice of reason - Tris doesn't for me...

Please see answer to your last point on the appropriate thread. 

Interesting article on the economics of festivals in the Guardian

Very interesting... be interesting to know how much Live Nation make from Wireless...there are rumours flying around of amounts but .....

Pretty well half the park unavailable for nearly four weeks with noise and antisocial behaviour to follow.  Our council should focus on the needs of the people who live near and use the park - many do not have gardens to sit in.  Disgraceful in my view. People should definitely phone the complaint line 020 8396 7701 if they have concerns as the Council are hoping we won’t and can then pretend the event does not cause any problems and carry on regardless.



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