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Today (Sunday) was the first of four Wireless festivals/concerts in Finsbury Park. I'm surprised there are no posts about it. Did it affect you? Any feedback (or photos) is being collated by the Friends of Finsbury Park.

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I'm surprised you could detect good or bad rap from that far.

There seem to be three sets of opinion coming out of this thread
1. Don't have anything in the park that changes anything ( the "our" park faction)
2. If you don't like it go away or wear earplugs (the "don't really care if you're inconvenienced" party)
3. The occasional bit of a do in the park that is well managed is OK (the people who are mainly just viewing this whole debate with mild amusement and an increasing desire to send some contributors to the naughty step)
I'm feeling rather 3 - except that I can't resist sticking my oar in.

I'm probably opinion #1 mainly because over the years I've watched it get bigger, noisier and with a good "we don't care about you" (residents and the surrounding area) "as long as we make money" attitude.

Big, in this case, is not beautiful.

Madeline, I went around the park today on a further supervised tour, with the Chair of the Friends Group and staff from both the Council and Live Nation.

My view hasn't changed: both the Council and Live Nation broadly, do about as good a job of managing this (unwieldy) event as is possible in the circumstances, but – in a nutshell – it's just too big for the location.

I'm in camp 3, although it might sound a bit like I'm in camp 2. If everything in this thread can be believed, then it seems like it isn't being very well managed and of course it's utterly unreasonable that children have a more perilous journey to school because of events in the park. However, I think any argument to this effect is negated by the whining about minor inconveniences that some people seem unable to tolerate.

3 sounds sensible IMHO.

I'm mainly in 3, I think. There are a couple of bigger issues which are probably worth looking at, but a lot of things raised here are largely irrelevant, exaggerated or plain incorrect!

I would be categorise myself as 3, with an extension: well managed event is ok, but 4 weeks of restricted access to the park is too long.

This isn't a complete list... The problem with Wireless is it uses up a massive amount of real estate unlike the gigs of old, it lasts for 3 days (plus 1 this year) and trashes the park. The Fleadh had a habit of being smaller, about 35k people and in and out very quickly... for me Wireless is the issue...

OK. A second thought. When it comes to who Haringay (and Hackney and Islington of course) listen to there maybe be two polar extremes. Firstly the promoters who would like carte blanche to hold as many large events as they can, so allowing them to earn shed loads and wave more money at Haringey for the right to do so. The second will be the Friends of Finsbury Park. I can only go on the options I've seen here and those are that they very much oppose future events of this nature. The voices that will be missing are those who would seek more of a middle way. If the petition to have a meaningful consultation actually bears fruit I think that the threat of only polar opposite voices is very real so I would urge all of those who have contributed and followed this thread to make sure that this isn't the case

Middle way - I personally am not inconvenienced by the walling-off of the park because I don't use it much, but why does the music have to be so damn loud ?

When the actual concert-goers have to wear earplugs shouldn't the techies just turn it down a bit ?

Will they not be sued sometime down the line by deaf fans ? More work for Ersan and Co I suppose.

Not qualified to have an opinion on that one John as I spent most of my youth incurring hearing damage at things like these (though usually indoors). Went to a gig (as the young folk call them) by My Bloody Valentine once (a popular music ensemble) where we were all asked to wear hearing protection because the music had to be eardrum poppingly loud to work.



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