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After 32 years living in Cornwall, could anyone please recommend a good hotel or B&B in Harringay?..by the way I used to live at 64 kimberley Gardens...oh happy days.
Roy Bowker

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There are three actually in Harringay as far as I know. None has a good reputation.

Here's what previous guests had to say on Trip Advisor about:

The Shelton
The Beaconsfiled
Athena Palace

I posted the other day
about a couple of nearby guest houses that look pretty nice. It's not clear if they onlt do longer term lets, but if that's he case I'm sure they could give you a good recommendation and you could let us all know what you find.
Many thanks Hugh, Will try them....Roy
I've now added a page on this that locals can guide visiting friends to. Further additions welcome.



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