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Looking for advice. We have a roof light above the stairs going up to the loft conversion. My son's bedroom is up there and in peak summer heat it can be over 30C still at 7pm.  I'm thinking of getting a blind fitted to it to reduce the heat in the summer months. Due to the awkward position of the roof light over the stairs it would need to be an electric blind with remote control. Has anyone had this done as a retrofit and can advise on if it's worth it and who they used to do it? Thanks 

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I have seen this remote controlled blinds, but never owned one.  I certainly agree that the Sun is streaming through an uncovered Velux window is a problem!  Here are a few alternative ideas.

You can also buy one-way window film which lets in light but reflects back heat.  My husband has put some on our greenhouse (though I am not sure if that is the correct thing  to do from a plant’s point of view!).  it definitely reduces the temperature but does let the light in and you can’t really tell it’s there from the inside. This film has the appearance of a mirror from the other side, but that might not matter in a roof light. 

In addition, or alternatively, you could install an ordinary Velux blackout, blind operated manually, using a long pole with a hook.

Finally, you might look into automatic openers, which are frequently used on greenhouses, they are operated by a kind of wax inside a barrel, which expands to open the window, when heat reaches a certain temperature.

Thanks Gina. It's a fixed roof dome light rather than velux so doesn't open. 

There are companies that make electric blinds with remote control. Most commercial curtain makers offer this now as a option. They can be electrically wired in if battery. It’s a common thing to do nowadays. I have no knowledge of who is better than who. But here is one to start you off!


that shows ceiling window electric blinds 

plus maybe an air con unit with extractor might help those hot nights 



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