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Sorry if this is already posted elsewhere, I did have a look. Have people filled in the budget consultation survey? Ends 22nd Jan.

Survey: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/survey/budget-2017-18

Budget proposals: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/local-democracy/policies-and-strategies/...

I am truly horrified and saddened by some of the proposed cuts e.g. to library opening hours, bulky waste collections (what do they think will happen to the already bad fly tipping problem?), and many other services.

I know the council has to save a lot of money and so I would support an increase in council tax for those who can and should pay more (not for those that can't) to save vital services.

What do others think?


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Ditch both propaganda papers H People and Tottenham News and others immediately reducing some useless waste and divert the budget to actually doing something concrete to improve things.

For example neither of these papers indicated how important the 'consultations' were.

Organising my own personal Brexit soon!

One of my responses will be to personally start lobbying rsidenst of Haringey and my ward, my neighbours, to say that in 2018 we need a chnage of regime in Haringey.

I understand that the Council is facing hard choices but I am fed with how these things are being handled by our elected representatives.

WE CAN CHANG THE OUTCOME! They are ony elected reps and they don't own the mandates!



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