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I’m still waiting for a home PCR test to be delivered by Hornsey SO where it’s been languishing since Thursday 2nd. Sickness and absences mean only partial service, apparently, and no prioritisation of Covid tests, it would appear. I was told I could go and collect it in person, but I can’t imagine people with suspected C19 would be welcome. Fortunately, my LFD tests have all been -ve. But be warned if you’re relying on receiving a test via Royal Mail.

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I am waiting on some urgent financial documents and realise I can’t remember the last Royal Mail delivery we had. This founds potentially horribly similar to last Christmas. Are others having problems? 

There's a sorting office at Hornsey? I thought it was way over in Tufnell Park. If I am wrong about that I'll be happy to find out.

The Tufnell Park office accommodates the former Finsbury Park and Hornsey sorting offices. They still use the name to describe the postal districts it serves. 

I was hopeful for a better reply. Tufnell Park is way too bloody far for us - especially with that long walk down the industrial estate. 

Catherine West, the MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, has been in contact with Royal Mail since the problems with the service emerged to try and get some kind of improvement.  She’s keen to find out if there are still ongoing problems.  You can email her at westc2@parliament.uk

And she does email you whenever there are updates. She's keeping at it.

That whole situation of getting to Tufnell Park to collect a letter is disgraceful it’s miles away & extremely difficult to get to.

Yeah I've had stuff take forever to arrive lately. For a PCR test, I'd walk to the nearest testing centre and do it in person - I've had to do a couple lately due to having a cold and then being pinged. I wanted to spend as little time as possible stuck inside and that was the quickest way. Woke up to a result the next morning both times.

The only post I've received from the Royal Mail in the last 10 days are "signed for" items. Everything else I've been sent (10 items that I know of; possibly more that I don't know about yet) is sat in the sorting office. Again. It's an appalling service



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