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Eight years ago when I started HoL, I hoped we would eventually hit the dizzy heights of 200 members. It is with some degree of shock I realised recently that we were fast heading towards 10,000. Today with the joining of Eleanor Kiff, we reached that number.

So welcome Elanor and all other 9 999 members.

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Congratulations Hugh!

Or congratulations Harringay!
Curious to know how many of the first 200 members are active?

Interesting question.

Amongst the 200 are some of the most active members like John McMullan, Michael Anderson et al, some 'more occasional contributors'\, some read-onlyers and some who aren't active at all. It's certainly changed a lot since then - as has the online world around it.

When we started, for example, Facebook had only 100 million users, compared to 1.5 billion today. Twitter had less than 2 million users (including HoL) compared to 320 million today. So today it's a very different social environment online than it was then.

Stephen Berlin was an early member too. Shows the site had an international reach from the word go.

was/am member 13.

I miss some of the old regulars too, who have now moved on to other areas. If I mention Scandinavia and cats, you'll know exactly who I'm referring to.

I guess it depends on how important Harringay was/is to a person's life as to whether they keep in contact or not. I also miss the lady in Australia, but have forgotten her name.

Shows the site had an international reach from the word go.

It's Harringay's international reach these days.

Once when in München I was looking HoL and a client came up to me and said "Oh Harringay", I lived there when I was living in London. (Harringay Road) and a friend of mine from São Paulo also said the same when in Berlin. (Burgoyne Road).

Apparently I signed up to HoL in March 2008. I am only an occasional poster though.

I think I joined in 2008/ No idea how many members there were then but I imagine it was fewer than 1000

Where's Bob Ruggles? That's what I want to know.

John D, you joined on 9th July 2008 and were our 707th member. In the intervening seven years you have made 4,807 contributions to the forum!

Thank you Hugh.

That's fewer than 1000 pa. I'll have to go out less and contribute more



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