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I'm attaching a copy of notes from this week's Cabinet meeting detailing additional controls Haringey Council will be putting in place on HMOs in much of Harringay (all of Harringay ward and some of St Ann's).

Thanks to Cllr Canver for bringing it to my attention.

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This is very interesting. The survey confirms the impression of many locals that a large proportion of HMOs are of poor standard. Hopefully this scheme will help to improve this situation and will also now include those landlords who previously managed to wiggle out of reach of the legislation. Thank you to everyone who has worked on this, would it be possible to have a report back at some point in the future to hear how it is going?

Hopefully they will extend it to cover a wider area, I've already noticed a spike of HMO applications in St Ann's - maybe a consequence of tighter regulation in Harringay?

Let's hope this works!

Another interesting document, from that time... http://www.haringey.gov.uk/sites/haringeygovuk/files/130828_hmos_ha...



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