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The Mayor of London has issued a press release (below) about high levels of pollution.

Currently Haringey appears to be experiencing moderate levels but in parts of the borough where there are high traffic emissions, such as Green Lanes, these are likely to be considerably higher.

Check air pollution forecasts here

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Thanks Liz. I have noticed how much smoke comes out of the kebab shops on Green Lanes. It normally coincides with sunny days like this. It can't be good for us. Some days there is a kebab haze! I wish they had filters to capture the dangerous particles. It's like a thousand cars without exhaust pipes chugging up and down the road.

Today 24th March from the Defra website

What's happening on the Norfolk coast?

Air pollution blowing across from Europe?

Don't know. Local press don't seem to either. A combination of things. Farming in that area causes a fair bit of pollution that I think is normally dispersed by the powerful winds there (I'm from East Anglia and the coast is usually very..er...fresh) but has become trapped by a high pressure. You can see and smell the pollution in London over the last two days. I've avoided Green Lanes as I imagine the air gives North Norfolk a run for its money.  

Alan Partridge is back on his Shisha pipe again 

Hadrian's wall seems to be keeping it out of Scotland!

No its cos its raining again in Scotland:(

Here's Pemberton Road at 1730 today!

I'll have some cancer with my kabab thanks. Just a child size aerve though.



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