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I was totally appalled this morning to find a PCN on my car parked in Allison Road (due to the resurfacing of Hewitt Road) - apparently a suspension notice had been erected last night - as there definitely was not one yesterday morning. This for me exemplifies the totally disregard that the Council seems to have for law abiding residents and the complete disjointed working arrangements that seem to permeate.

I have lodged a complaint and have been advised to appeal the PCN. - which in itself is absolutely disgraceful - I will also be wanting a response from my local councillors on this shambolic situation. If anyone else has found themselves in the same situation please let me know as I am so angry that I am considering escalating this to the Local Authority Ombusdman.

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Wow really? because we need them on Warham too. People have gone insane on our road too. Drive up my road at the correct speed and you are likely to get tailgated and be called a c*** when they can get past you (true story). I would love to see some of these not-so-boy racers ticketed.
They have the speed guns, we've been told ( Transport Forum again ). They just need to get out and use them.
Was that me the c*** or was that another c***?
T'was indeed you.
Liz, please don't forget this great set-up used to video speeding cars in New York.
Adam was trying to find out about the equipment used.
Ready for your close-up, Mr Racer?

(Labour councillor & candidate Tottenham Hale)
In actual fact John with many of today's cars it takes very little to build up significant speed on roads like Allison.
I was asked about roadworks and closures by a HoL member who planned a holiday and was worried about his car being moved.

Checking with Council staff, I was told that:
“There are no more resurfacing works planned for the Ladder roads this financial year so the resident can rest easy regarding his car.

I also pointed out that there are some out-of-date pages on the Council’s website listing road works. They are still there. So ignore them and go to the Roadworks and Road Closures search page.

This lets you search your street by full postcode. Though if no works/closures are planned, it gives a slightly confusing message: “Sorry, no matching road works/closure records found. Please try again.”

Plainly, if you'll need to move your car you want to know if there are works planned in nearby streets. Unfortunately the search engine doesn’t let you enter e.g. just N15 or N4. So, to get the full list of all N4 roads with planned works, click on Finsbury Park in the box marked ‘select area’ . For N8 - select Hornsey. For N17 – Tottenham. And for N15 - South Tottenham.

I assume people will also leave car-keys with a friend who'll keep an eye on your car and is licensed to drive it if needed. So tell them about the search page.



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