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Over the past couple of weeks I've been chatting to traders on Green Lanes and Wightman Road  to get a sense of how the road closure is affecting them.

It seems that those most affected may the ones based on Wightman Road. This was flagged in a post about the Ham & High article yesterday. Following that, a member of HoL wrote to me to suggest that HoL might be able to help the Wightman Road businesses experiencing difficulty with the road closure (HoL member. I'll leave it you you to identify yourself if you so wish!).

I thought it was a great idea and wondered if as a community we might expand it somewhat into a buy-local push, targeted at the Wightman traders.

Justin Guest has kindly volunteered to sound out the traders as a next step, and I wondered if anyone has any more ideas about how we might make this work.

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Now this is a positive initiative. Much better than the other ideas designed to turn our rat-run into a crazy fun-run and cycle path for psychopaths hell bent on disturbing our new-found peace just when we naively thought that we were quietly "Making Wightman Our Own" at last.

For my part I'll continue to buy my daily papers and comestibles from Ajit & Nirmal as I've been doing for thirty years, and from their late parents before them. I might consider placing an order  with George's Tailors for my first new suit in the same thirty years  - this one should see me out and down, as well as down and out. I could negate the whole purpose of closing Wightman by purchasing three old bangers to keep our super-abundance of garages busily impeding our footways for the foreseeable future. But I'll draw the line at spending luxurious weekends away at the Shelton - some things go well beyond even a Wightman resident's sense of duty.

Buy yourself a kit car - caterham super7 or something like that.
That'll keep you and the garages busy for years!! You might even end up with a car to go with that new suit -- in time.



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