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My name is Michael Woodcock and I attended Stationers  1955 to 1962. I was assigned to Hodgeson House [Gray]. I remember Caxton was red and Meredith  was green but I cannot remember the  name of the  fourth one that was blue. { old age has struck ! ! ] If somebody would be so kind  and brighten my memory cells I would be very happy

One of my class mates was David Triesman and in my final year he was house captain and I was his deputy, or vice versa. I left Stationers and went to Battersea Cat, now University of Surrey, and emerged with a BSC in chemical engineering. During my stay at Stationers I took French and German to O level. What I learned here proved essential to my later career where it was necessary to speak French in Quebec Canada, northern China, France , Algeria, Zaire[now Republic du Congo] and German in an adjacent Canadian town called Sarnia. I write this to demonstrate to present day students that the teaching at Stationers often has a completely hidden value.

I would be grateful to anyone who can clear the fog!!

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Norton House.

And if you want to refresh your memory even more, why not join the Old School Assoiation http://www.oldstationers.co.uk/


I was at stationers in 1956, I was in Meredith green, as was my older brother Chris, I remember that blue was Norton

Classof '55 reunion a few years ago (magazine extract)

Trevor Fenner
Mike Mote
Roger Edmondson
David Vicary
Mike Heath
(Lord)David Triesman
Mike Geering
Mike Smith
John Ivey
Roger Pierce
Adrian Andrusier
Geoff Gascoigne
Martin Burr
John Fiddy
David Sheath
Alan Hunt
Keith Knight
Adrian Bondy

Norton was pale blue. I was there 54-59. 

You might find this useful:


And found it! Class of 54 reunion (this in 2012 but first was in 2004. 

As others have said, Norton is you one you are looking for, I think. I was a member of staff at Stationers' from 1964 to 1983, and for a short time I was the teacher in charge of Norton house. I agree with you about the importance of learning foreign languages.

John, Thanks for your reply and photo. The photo says see key below, but I can't seem to find one. Everything I click on doesn't produce one.

There's a history of Stationer's School in the Hornsey Historical Society's Bulletin 64, published this month.



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