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we have a problem with a down pipe going from the second floor to somewhere underground.   we think its blocked - has a plant growing out of it! see pic.    we have a flat on the ground floor and the top of the down pipe is a different flat.   i think it is the runoff from their roof terrace but not sure. 

the pipe disappears down below some decking.  i think we also need that section of decking removed to see what is happening at the bottom end of the pipe, as we are getting some damp at the bottom of the wall.

i don't know who to get to help - a roofer? a plumber? a general builder?  any offers?

thanks  Anna 

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Hello Anna,

We recently had our downpipe blocked and used first choice drainage solutions. They used a machine with a long extending cable which rotates to clear the blockage. Which we thought  initially worked. When it started overflowing again they came back no problem to look further into it and have cameras to look down drains and pipes. Blockage totally gone with some pressure cleaning. They said if that didn't work they'd be able to cut the pipe at the base and look into it from nearer the location to the blockage. You'd probably need access to the ground floor. They were helpful on the phone and the guy that came was knowledgeable. from memory they came on the same day or next day when I called  Maybe give them a call and see what they advise. 08000029522

I used Stana Builders (07539462407). Messi was great and, although he didn't totally sort it on the first visit, came back as soon as I contacted him about a hitch. He also gave advice about the state of the roof and cleared up after his visit.



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