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I write this as the first heavy shower for days is happening obviously, but please can anyone who lives nearish to the Warham planters give the plants a little drink from time to time? 

The unseasonably warm weather of the Easter bank holiday dried out a lot of the plants and many lost leaves but, after a gardening session today, I noticed that many plants are trying to grow fresh leaves so the plants aren't (yet) lost. 

All that is needed is for a bucket of water to go under the plants that are looking distressed. Some, like the lavender seem to be pretty drought hardy but others would clearly appreciate a drink occasionally. 

Also if anyone has any (drought-hardy) plants that they don't mind donating, feel free to plant them in the boxes as well. Over the years, we've tried many things and find geraniums are irresistible to plant thieves as are lavender plants (not sure how the big one managed to evade them), recognisable herbs like rosemary, showy plants like sunflowers, and anything that is high value but mint, lemon balm, wallflowers, forget-me-nots, marigolds, violas, etc. tend to survive their sticky green fingers. 

Here's what's clinging on for dear life today:

Red Valerian, wallflowers, French lavender, forget-me-not

P.S. As the weather starts to improve, you may often see me out doing a little maintenance. Do come and say hello!

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My boys will love the opportunity to water something, I will definitely keep an eye out and help keep them going. The boxes are lovely and I had no idea you maintained them, thank you!



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