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Hello Harringay!

We have a sofa currently in our entrance and we want to remove the sash window at the front of the house to get the sofa in - the whole frame, as just removing the lower window doesn't give enough space.

We  need to remove the beading so we have to be careful to not crack it as it's original, and we don't want to have to replace it. We've been told that the paint can be stronger than the beading, so it could crack...

We tried yesterday but it was a bit difficult getting the rope out of the first window.

We now have this enormous sofa blocking our entrance and we really would like to be able to open our sash window  

Any advice?

We could pay someone to do it for us.

We are in Boundary road.

Thank you!

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Measure twice cut once

We knew the sofa would not fit our living room's door but we've been told that opening sash windows was easy!

It is easy...start with cutting the paint with a good sharp Stanley knife...With the knife blade you'll be able to find where the panel pins holding the beading on are... With a large flat headed screwdriver, ease out the top and bottom of the beading to reveal the heads of the pins which you then take out with the claw of a claw hammer...then move on to the next pins top and bottom...until you just have the middle pins left...just take it slowly and you should be able to slip the beading out... I would leave the window itself hanging on the sash and just manoeuvre the sofa in that way
In case I didn't make it clear, you take out the beading on the inside of the window not the outside.

Hi Amira

This follow up is a long time coming.

Did you manage to get the sofa through the window in the end?

If I get a new sofa I might need to do the same.

Any advice / wisdom appreciated.



Haha! Wow memory lane.

Well, I followed the useful guidance from the above post but we didn't manage to open the sash! ( We are a bit useless with DIY)

We had to get our carpenter

Good luck! 



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