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Help others to help themselves at your local Repair Café on Sun (4th Sept, 4-7pm)

Lordship Hub Repair Café this Sunday (4th Sept 4-7pm)

Website - book herebit.ly/HaringeyFixers  Facebook: fb.com/groups/HaringeyFixers

Here are some things we really could use help fixing for local people who bring stuff in from around here to work with friends and neighbours who volunteer their time and skills to help - nobody gets paid.

If you can help, please book the first slot and say you’re ready to help - bring something we can fix for you at the same time if you wish.

4 slice toaster. One side doesn't work. 3 years old.

A Dualit two slice toaster, 8 years old, seems to be the element that is broken. John Lewis said it can't be repaired! But someone recommended you.

Also a lamp

A BT 6000 baby monitor video screen. This no longer charges - I think it’s the port that is loose.

Maybe needs a USB port so we asked the owner to buy one we can solder it in https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/394160574147?hash=item5bc5cd0ec3:g:~h4AA...

Here's how someone else has fixed it: https://phil.lavin.me.uk/2021/06/repairing-the-bt-6000-baby-monitor...

A carriage clock. Pendulum not rotating

My digital radio keeps switching itself on and off on its own. There is some kind of electrical fault https://photos.app.goo.gl/F8fFWS2Tv1HtuPtj9

A baby steamer.  https://photos.app.goo.gl/cGaQX4pm3d72R2jDA https://photos.app.goo.gl/tCD8i1DVhhaEhLXq8

An electric toothbrush https://photos.app.goo.gl/rvmSoRuVw2ztWrGz7

List of everything so far brought

We're managing to hold Repair Cafés twice a month. Here's a list of some things people have carried in for help repairing so far:

Electric Toothbrush, cordless kettle, toaster, Leather Shirt (torn sleeve), Electric Oil Heater, cloth bag, broken ceramics, laser printer, tabletop cooker, mobile phone, shirt, Expresso machine, Bosch Multi-Tool, Leather bag, DVD player, CD Player, portable TV, DAB Radio, Laptop, Baby's cot, nightdress, dressing gowns, Solar lights, Lampshade, Cafetiere, Kids bikes, food mixer, Bass guitar, small wooden table, Hair straighteners, Sewing Machine, garden chairs, Swan Teasmade, Power tool cord sawn through, Amplicomms cordless phone, A dress that is too big for me along the waist, table fan, backpack whose handle at the top has detached, kettle

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