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Rescued from house clearance, would like to know what they are. Any suggestions?

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They are second world war medals but I don't know much beyond that.

Try this web site. 

The one on the left is a WW2 service medal. https://www.identifymedals.com/database/medals-by-period/ww2-medals...

The next are service medals from Africa and Italy. 

The first silver medal is called a Defence Medal https://www.identifymedals.com/database/medals-by-period/ww2-medals...

The last on the right is The War Medal https://www.identifymedals.com/database/medals-by-period/ww2-medals...

Who ever it was that owned these served from pretty early in the war and fought a slog of a battle across Africa (finally, and successfully under Monty) and then up into a murderous battle for Italy. 

Well done for recovering them. 

hey thankyou justin, thats very interesting ... much appreciated.

Do you know whose they were? And possibly anything about their story?  

It seems heartbreaking that someone would go through the experience that the owner of these medals went through only for that story to be lost to the sands of time. 

Are you hoping to return them to the recipient's family?



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