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Inspired by the Royal British Legion's Centenary Poppy Campaign, Harringay Online & Bowes and Bounds Connected are setting a target to get a million poppies blooming across the borough as a living memorial to the fallen of the Great War from the local community.

The aim is to collect sufficient donations from local people across the borough to buy one million Flanders poppy seeds. Purchased through the Royal British Legion's campaign partners, £1 of every £3.00 pack of 10,000 seeds will go direct to the Royal British Legion.

The seeds will then be packed into convenient community planter envelopes and made available at partner locations around the borough. Anyone can collect seeds for guerrilla or small group planting and we'll also be arranging a few 'Million Poppy' seed sowing events. (Let us know if you'd like one in your area).

When I heard about what the Royal British Legion are doing I felt sure this would work for our area and Liz and Richard seem equally enthusiastic. What do you think? Where should we target in Harringay?

We have a few ducks to get in a row the biggest of which is getting permission from landowners. Liz is coralling some of our local gardening experts and may even base her Spring seed swap around this theme.  

After that it's all down to you. Fancy making a donation? The cheapest way is through Harringay Online's Sustainability Account via Paypal. Please be generous. Remember £1.00 in every 3 donated will go straight to the Royal British Legion. The remainder will be used to plant a spectacular living memorial in this centenary year.

Click and donate NOW!


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I'm not being sarcastic but i thought you could very easliy fit a million poppy seeds into a pint mug - I used to grow poppies when i was at horticultural college many years ago. They are very hardy and very easy to grow, would be great to see poppies everywhere. May i ask which variety will be used ?

The side conversation that developed in response to this comment has been moved to here.

Hugh, this is such a lovely idea and will be a visually stunning way of honouring everyone from our community who served our country. I'll be donating and look forward to getting involved with some planting too.
Lovely idea.

This sounds amazing! I'll donate now and would be happy to help plant them.

Yes i'm in and would love to help plant some.

Idea for planting: how about beneath all the trees on our streets, where there is an earthy border around the bottom of the tree?

Great Idea. Thanks Richard.

I do wish the Legion would campaign against wars and needless deaths of our young men and women instead of creating more altars to worship those who died pointlessly either invading some other country or fighting politicians wars.

New River! Love it!

I have a few thoughts on this... Firstly I think its a great idea that is fields of [poppies growing in rememberance of the fallen.... and the actual act of planting a seed... is very potent... especially if its sown with the deepest of respect for those whose lives have been lost and with the desire to stop wars and needless lives being lost in the future, they both need to come hand in hand for me and I respect your point Philip.

Its also a very beautiful idea for me as I care about the planet and would prefer to see flowers grown that are both edible, the seeds are wonderful in cakes and bread and more.. and that help wildlife and bees. Therefore life is promoted in all its manifestations and life is precious... what a tribute to those that have lost theirs.... a gift to their forebears.... making their life meaningful..... giving true meaning.

I do have reservations about this project...  I would like to know who is making money out of this project. Who is getting the two pounds for each packet of seed? Now if it was veterans or their relatives or those disadvantaged in society taking part in community based growing projects then this is an amazing idea.... What seeds are used is also vitally important to me  as they need to be organic and coming from heritage seeds... this is vitally important to the health of our bees and wildlife and therefore the planet, with the infiltration of gmo modified seeds that are infertile etc, they need to come from responsible seed manufacturers. If the profit is not going to such a group then I would suggest that perhaps another project could run alongside this one that is run just by the borough and which connects with local sustainable groups and Seed to Seed to lead the way in a more authentic venture.

I so love the idea of seeds rather than plastic poppies which just become trash...and pollute our planet.... not a great legacy for those who died for it. And the action of taking part in the planting as I said earlier is valuable in a much more meaningful way.... it takes no effort to pop a few quid in a box and place a plastic poppy in your lapel. 

The seed species is Papaver rheas, otherwise know as the Common Poppy or Flanders Poppy. I've asked the B&Q Media Team for an answer to your first question. My guess is that their CSR contribution will be by way of administering the scheme. The British Legion credit then with having rescued a scheme that was refused lottery funding. 



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