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Hey there am fairly new to Harringey - well I say new we have lived here for almost a year. So far have been really disapointed with our area - we bought a lovely little cottage off the Roundway if I could pick it up and move it about a mile further in it would be our dream house! Having lived in Stokey for a fair while but like everyone outpriced as you can imagine moving here has been a little bit of a culture shock - we can't even find a non scary half decent pub to go!!
I have however been really heartened by a lot of the posts and reccomendations of places to go and things to do locally on here so many thanks for making me feel a lot brighter and being a bit community minded thought I ought to introduce myself and perhaps meet a few more likeminded people locally. So if anyone lives nearby and knows of interesting things going on - My other half is now a serious gardener after enjoying a year in his first garden, I am a bit of a baker - cupcakes - well actually all cakes, it would be great to hear from you
thanks Tx

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Welcome to HOL Tamara.

Decent pubs are indeed fairly rare. Have you tried the Salisbury (cnr Green Lanes & St.Anns Rd) ? Bit of a walk from your neck of the woods but a decent pub. HOL has drinks every now and then at the Salisbury. Next one will probably be in the spring.
Hi Tamara - the Garden Ladder, a bit further down Green Lanes from the Salisbury, is nice too......
If you're willing to get the 41 into Crushond you could get off at Hornsey Station and walk back down Hornsey High Street to the Three Compasses and Le Bistro is excellent too.
Hi Tamara

We live quite near you, just off the high road off of Bruce Casle Park. We moved from Hackney in 2007 and found it a bit dead after living in Shoreditch, Stokey and Hackney. There is a nice community in this part of Tottenham so don't lose heart! things are slowly changing and improving, a decent bar and a few more cafe this end wouldnt go a miss!
There is a lovely cafe called Marmalade on Lordship Lane just down from the park. Nice to meet for coffee there.
There is a nice tiny Georgeon Pub near the cemetary end of the Park. The landlady lets you take your drinks to the park in the summer! Its friendly in a boozer kind of way,we sometimes have a drink in the beer garden.
The Park is always safe and we walk our dog almost everyday there, nice bunch of dog walkers, if you have a dog?
Im a keen gardener and always looking for a new person to plant/seed swap with. I love baking too.
We have friends who bought a cottage near the Roundway too, I know what you mean about it being a bit short of shops!
Cirrick is a great Turkish restaurant on the old high street. The Elbow Room by Bruce Grove over rail station is always friendly and welcoming if you like boozers.
Shout if you want to meet up, hopefully meet you on the 30th at the salisbury.

Hello Tamara

I just wanted to say that i have been to the Chocolate Factory on quite a few occasions and it is very, very good, I would suggest that you travel by Taxi as it is a little hard to find. Enjoy!
Hi John
thanks for your reply have been to both and love - Hornsey is lovely
I guess what I was hoping for is that someone would say "Are you blind, there is a fantastic gem of a pub right on your doorstep"
I guess I will have to carry on travelling!
The trouble is not everyone is obsessed with gastro pubs and bistros in Haringey or Harringay, nout wrong with a spit and sawdust establishment. A area usually reflects it's residents and their needs.

Welcome BTW Tamara.
don't get me wrong have nothing against a bit of spit and sawdust, some of my fav drinking haunts are nothing special to look at but have a fantastic atmosphere
the pubs in our area just are not particularly inviting or safe
although the Westbury is not too far from us - anyone been to it?
Hi Tamara
cant recommend any boozers of note (tho the elmhurst on lordship lane is lovely on the outside!) but you both might be intested in finding out when the next Tottenham Food Coop events are on as they're often held at Broadwater Community Centre by Lordship Rec - where you'll bump into plenty of other local gardeners and bakers. There's big plans afoot for the Rec as well - a possible city farm in the offing for instance
Is the San Marco on the corner of Bruce Grove and Moorefield Road N17 anywhere near you?

btw you are most welcome to join us for HOL 'Ladies' Night at the Salisbury on the 29th Jan. Vix from Tottenham way should be there who also is a keen baker.
yeah but then someone got shot and killed near the roundway recently didnt they? Thats gun crime London over - i dont think the Elmhurst is particularly worthy of singling out for that.

I happen to go there to meet mates before heading off to the football sometimes, so its a bit of a sports bar much of the time and about as far from gastro as you can get!. But if you look slightly further afield theres a few interesting pubs around the tottenham area (original, or achitecturally interesting that is).

Also on the other side of Bruce castle Park is the Antwerp on Church Road. Its small, local and friendly and is right next to Tottenham Cemetary which is a lovely bit of wilderness in the centre of tottenham that has 18th century cottages built down one side and has a stretch of the Moselle river running through it (the moselle is one of london's 'lost' rivers, now culverted and spilt off it passes through the Rec as well).

I think thats the place the farmers market is held - it would make sense - though i havent been over there myself

See there's plenty on your doorstep ;-)
was the deli the portugese place? its really nice in there, and the couple who own it are lovely and friendly. We used to live round that neck of the woods before moving over to Harringay so we spent a bit of time scoping out places of interest ourselves.

I know where you're living. Instead of just exploring east-west take a wander south thru Downhills Way and onto Belmont Road. If you cut through downhills park you'll get to the West Green Academy where the Haringey Independent Cinema collective run monthly film nights which are as much about the social side as they are about the movies, as most cinema goers normally pop over to the boozer opposite for a natter afterwards. If you miss out Downhills Park and carry on instead to the corner of Belmont Road and West Green Road you'll discover the Curry Leaf, which is a lovely Sri Lankan restaurant that has some really nice (and not found very much elsewhere) dishes. The Fountain is another really nice pub on West Green Road, heading to Seven Sisters. Its a fair old way frm the Round Way, granted but worth a visit for the front of the pub alone. Has a nice beer garden out the back too.

Thinking about it, maybe HoLers should compile a 'Rough Guide to Harringay/Haringay' if it hasnt already been suggested or done. Whatcha all reckon?



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