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Heartlands Development threat to Hornsey's Victorian Industrial heritage

It seems we always have a fight on our hands to persuade the 'powers that be' to leave our heritage landscapes alone, especially when they are left over from our industrial past. Have just been reading on Parkside Malvern's blog about the fact that the latest planning application for the Heartlands development will entail the demolition of the Hornsey Gas Holder.

Obviously, this is a dreadful idea but don't take my word for it, listen to someone who knows what they are talking about 

Save Hornsey Gas Holder No1

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HI Liz the link is not working.
Try it now
I think this has been going on for many years. See also these posts on HoL from 2007/2009 & 2010.
There's a meeting next week, 25th May, that you posted about last week

Heritage landscape? Really?

It's a gas holder, a large metal skeleton that takes up a lot of space and isn't exactly pretty. I say knock it down - we're not going to miss it.

But what if you could make good use of it, like this?:


Exactly Hugh!

New uses for old structures is absolutely the way forward in preserving the old while creating a new and better space...steampunk architecture!

I seem to remember that, although this was a lovely concept, the developers couldn't sell the flats.
Why is this a bad idea?

Well, the author of the article I linked to expresses it much better than I do. As I said, don't take my word for it but, in my view,  when you have a major structure that is acknowledged to be " the best preserved example" of something and part of a landscape (this part of London owes much to the Victorians) and you have examples of how such a structure can be used to create a new space (such as picture above) than it really should be on the table as to how this can be incorporated into the development to give a unique focus and preserve the social history.

This part of the south-east has lost a lot of its industrial heritage structures, those that are preserved and put back to use such as the Markfield beam engine remind us of the beauty of engineering from the last century. 

It has history, it has value and it is a fine example of a certain kind of structure. Read more here . I'm sure I don't have to remind anyone that heritage isn't just chocolate box country houses and pretty countryside but also urban landscapes and structures. So, yes, heritage landscape. Really.

Will the developers pay for more school places/buildings to accommodate the new families moving into the area? 1200 new flats seem like a lot without making suitable provisions to the already strained local services.
Won't the new people moving in be paying Council Tax ?



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