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Hello neighbours,

I'm finding it hard to figure out whether mid-ladder is in the catchment area of Heartlands High School. We're mid-Seymour Road, entering secondary in 2014. The catchment isn't published on the Good Schools Guide. Can anyone shed any light please?

Many thanks


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This admissions booklet gives you the furtherst milealge for last year which was 1.124 miles http://www.haringey.gov.uk/secondary_prospectus_2013.pdf. Catchments do change every year depending on the number of siblings, in care and statemented children but it gives you a good idea.

We live on Wightman nearest to the end of Warham.  We applied for our daughter the year it opened and unfortunately didn't get in but I know someone on Seymour who got in on appeal - it depends on your circumstances.

Our two children are at Greig City Academy and I have to say that we have been extremely pleased with it.  The teaching is outstanding and both children are doing incredibly well. It seems to be an increasing option for people mid-ladder.

Thanks for the replies folks. I have to say I hadn't even considered Greig. I am happy to hear that you're happy with it and it therefore warrants checking out. I'd be super-grateful for any more thoughts anyone might have on that or Park View, which I know are our closest schools. See you all at the market, v best, PLJ

Dear PLJ

Please go to this page on the council's schools admissions webpages http://www.haringey.gov.uk/index/children-families/education/school...

Please download the secondary school booklet referred to and found on this page. Page 10 provides with the information particularly pertinent to your enquiry.  There are no longer "catchment" areas.  Last year there were 962 applications to Heartlands High School with 189 places eventually allocated.

When a school is oversubscribed in this way, criteria are used to allocate places. See page 14 of the booklet for more information on the criteria but in summary the criteria are:

Children with SEN statements; Looked after Children; exceptional social or medical need; siblings at the school and then finally; distance.

From all the children offered a place at Heartlands for admission in September 2012, the furthest distance away (measured in a straight line) a child lived from the school was 1.124 miles away. If you email schooladmissions@haringey.gov.uk or call them on 020 8489 1000and give them your home postcode and your preferred school, they will tell you how far you are (in a straight line) from the school so you can see - based on the previous years intake - how likely you are to be offered a place based on the distance criteria.   

It’s also always worth giving your preferred school a call and talking to them about admissions and asking them - for example - if they have any information on the number of current pupils with younger siblings as this will effect how places are allocated at school in the future.

We hope this helps.

Haringey Communications / Press Office

To save people calling the council try this site- I just used it to work out how close I was to Heartlands and Park View, I used "Heartlands school, Haringey" and "Park View Academy, Haringey" and my street and post code as reference points. 

Nonexistent link?


I have a son in Park View (yr7) and would highly recommend it.

I was really surprised by how good the facilities are there. So far the teaching has been really good, my son has been enjoying the lessons, he also has a clear idea of his objectives/targets for this year and what he has to do to meet his level. The school seems to have settled in most of the kids really well and its nice that he can walk home with lots of other local kids. 

A massive plus for me, as a parent, has been the communication between the school and myself. I'm a working parent so not usually able to come to the school during normal hours but I have found that they are really quick to respond to emails (I sent one last night about lunch passes and had a reply today at 8:30am). When my son was settling in I had numerous phone calls from different people at the school introducing themselves and giving me direct numbers back to them. Also, got a phone call when my son missed a homework deadline - it'll be the only time that happens as he realises he can't get away with not telling me what's happened at school. 

The school has various after school clubs, our son has only joined STEM which is great as they do lots of fun science experiments. He also has taken advantage of their music department and got a drumming lesson each week (for free)

I would recommend you having a look around and speaking to parents of kids there already. 

Excellent, thank you Beewan. I'm a working parent too, so the communication does make a world of difference.

Good to hear that you are happy at Greig - it just doesn't seem to have any profile in this area but once people 'discover' it they are happy. 

We are in Lausanne Road and will find out which school we get on 1 March.  We are hoping on Heartlands for a number of reasons, but I have to say that we were very impressed with Park View when we visited this year.  It seems that Haringey's schools are improving which can only be good.

Plato's Academy at Colonus has a catchment radius of 6 stadia (about 1 mile) which just about allows a few Athenian chancers to sneak in. Strict admissions policy, though, posted above the entrance: 'Let no non-Geometer enter here!'  Young Aristotle has just about scraped through. A bit precocious it seems, already applying to tutor Philip of Macedon's son. Even has plans to set up a Lyceum in opposition to Plato's Goves of Academe.

The Goveller-Harris Academy of Lagado boasts a much more open admissions policy as well as a vastly more practical curriculum. Your Year 7 boy or girl will learn to extract sunbeams from cucumbers to brighten even the dullest winter day. His Munificence, Lord Harris also funds 60 of the highest achievers across every branch of his Academic chain to research the replacement of Chinese silkworms with common English spiders. While Lady Gove admires the capacity of the former to spin, Lord Harris has noticed that the latter can not only spin but weave. He expects to make a deep pile from his new carpet range, easily outperforming the more traditional Wilshaw product.

I believe the Epicurean school offers a more enticing syllabub.



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