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Following on from the 2015 study, here are the results from this year's study comparing the NO2 levels around Harringay last year when Wightman Rd was open to the same period this year while it is closed.

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I think it also makes more sense when you consider that pollution levels on the rungs roads in both 2105 and 2016 are about half the level of say Turnpike Lane even though Turnpike Lane sees about 10 times the traffic volume of the average rung.

Well, not long now before the reopening of Wightman road to traffic: Green Lanes residents are looking forward to it :)

Why are Green Lanes residents looking forward to a c.25% increase in NO2 pollution levels Christofer?

So NO2 pollution levels on Turnpike Lane were 25% lower in July 2016 than July 2015 - presumably as a consequence of the filtering arrangements on Wightman Road reducing traffic levels generally (even if Turnpike Lane itself might have carried more journeys)?

I think the Turnpike Lane level is still higher than the EU target though - it's a shame the Wightman Road filtering isn't going to be extended for a few months so that additional measures (traffic light phasing, parking restrictions and the many other ideas as suggested on other threads) to improve flow on Turnpike Lane and Green Lanes could be investigated. Maybe the council has other ideas on how to meet the pollution targets?

Or maybe the council is just ignoring the targets and putting traders' profits before residents' health?

On visiting towns like Verona and Roterdam there is plenty of scope to support local business, and promote Living Streets, where we don't poison ourselves in the long and short term. There comes a point where we and a free moving city become a victim of the cars success.



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