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Hayri Goztas and the Green Lanes Protection Racket operating again?

According to this page a protection racket is again operating on Green Lanes. Does anyone know which cafe this guy used to own in 2004? Anyone know anything more about this?

From the link above:

Strong in the belief that any potential charges against him will quietly be dropped, Hayri has grown bold and now operates almost the same level of business in 2017 as he did back in 2004. 

1) Heroin is being smuggled monthly into Britain in growing quantities. It is sourced in Afghanistan and shipped via Turkey to Britain. This trade is being run by Hayri Göztas. 

2) A Protection Racket is operating in the Green Lanes area of North London. This protection racket is growing and will spread to other areas. Shopkeepers and small businesmen are afraid to talk to the police - ironic when the criminal extorting them is himself a police informer and only operates his racket as he feels protected by the Metropolitan Police. 

3) Hayri gathers evidence on his associates and other people, and provides it to the police along with statements and accusations. By doing this he can remove enemies and also take over rivals operations, whilst continuing to gain more credit with the Metropolitan Police.

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So all the journalists who read HoL to get leads how about investigating and running this story.

The last time Hayri ruled Green Lanes it affected all our lives even though most of the activity occupied a parallel dimension at times it spilled into ours. We have no idea who else around here is open to his influence and we can only guess at the strings he may pull.

I do wonder what the massive lorry with Turkish plates that parks on the footpath on Endymion Road by the park over night is doing though. Do you think we should get a screenplay going? If we made it full of illegal immigrants rather than heroin we could sell it to the BBC.

Yes, what is that about? Always driving past it and wondering how it's ok to do that.

My comment elsewhere about the money-laundering fronts would appear to have been prescient.

The link is fascinating - controlled 90% of the heroin market?!?!?!  Astounding.

Although everything in that piece is just an unsubstantiated allegation till convincingly demonstrated. Still definitely a story worth looking into but it won't happen because media are only interested in their 640,000th story on how Trump is a racist or that he colluded with Russians.

I agree that it's unsubstantiated allegations but given what was going on in 2004 that was substantiated I thought I'd put it out there.


so why don't the police do anything about this? It's obvious this area is riddled with drug dealers and money launderers..

You'd have a job reassembling that

I think it's worth putting out there and the mob's business is notorious for not being able to 'substantiate. There are enough junkies in green lanes and area to keep anyone in business. What about all the empty jewellery shops and half of the empty kebab shops? How come most non Turkish businesses don't last on green lanes?



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