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I'm sure there are two sides to this story but Mr Downey goes on to tweet - "Just to be clear on something because I have seen at least one local councillor lying about this: To date, we have invested over £450,000 to open Hawker Union. All of that was our own money. We have not received anything from Haringey Council or from anyone else."

Liars often accuse others of lying... He goes on to say this "The local authorities (sic?) have been relentlessly obstructive for months now. Unlawful and illegal actions and we have instructed solicitors. I think you’ll be astonished at what’s been going on."

Relentlessly obstructive...

Where on earth did he get £450,000 to plunge into a business without the assurances he needed from the local authority?

Well indeed. This smacks of gunboat diplomacy to me. 

What is Hawker Union ?

Context and recent history here, John D.  Mr Downey sounds a bit high-maintenance.

People who abuse adjectives that way when they're ranting are nearly as bad as the people who confuse your and you're.

I wonder if that IS his strategy however he's picked on the wrong council there. They don't give a toss what residents think and they're proud to do ridiculous things that they know will piss us off.

Maybe if he renamed it Chicken Town ?

I haven’t been but it does look exactly like the sort of investment / development that area needs 

Oh that . Thanks.

I'd believe this entirely.

@ John McMullan : To the best of my knowledge you can't get 'pre approval' for a liquor license, or any kind of trade license. You must first commit to the premises, sign a lease, instruct lawyers, pay the money etc and then hope the rest goes smoothly. It aint cheap. I'd say with an enterprise of the calibre of HU he may have had some assurances in place which got tied up internally within the council.

I'm still seething about Chicken Town too.

It sounds like you're right. Verbal assurances made by someone in the council who can't stand by them. Hence the council keeping quiet. I like the comparisons to Donald Trump, hilarious.



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