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The London Assembly is investigating the provision of public toilets. 

Your responses will be included in a report, which will make recommendations about the number of public toilets in our city.

You can find the survey here (responses do not require you to give personal information).

Photo: Public toilets, Bruce Grove N17 by Robin Sones (Creative Commons, some rights reserved)

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It's fairly standard in some areas of Italy to charge you a euro for using the loo. I don't mind but some might.....

I'm pleased to know that the London Assembly is investigating this issue and will definitely complete the survey. Thank you for the info, Liz!

I haven't been back there for about 10 years but Lampeter in Wales has/had  blocks of public toilets at three separate locations, all  free of charge, unsupervised but reasonably clean. It is a very small town where it takes five minutes to walk from one end of the high street to the other.

Being old, I have had to navigate traveling around London according to the availability of toilets; locally, preferring the Arena Sainsbury's over high street shops for this reason. But I know of people in their 20s and 30s who have the same issue due to i.b.s. and similar.



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