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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

You may have noticed the latest street art by Iamsomeart posted along Green Lanes and possibly elsewhere (I've noticed four). Here's two of them from the N4 end of Harringay

Part of the artist's 'Protesting faces' project. Read more here

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Yes, interesting art. A bit freaky but do you think it is protest-art i.e. to do with the green lanes traffic air-pollution? 

I don't think so more a general comment on protest around the globe. However, the gas mask one does seem quite pertinent.

His work is all over London especially (inevitably) Shoreditch

His editions are pretty inexpensive.

Whare abouts on green lanes? I will take a look when i get home

There is one on the boarded up kebab shop, one on the utility cabinet by Baldwin’s (I think), one on the Post Office utility cabinet and one on a utility cabinet at the Salisbury. There may be others. 



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