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Screening out is the process whereby police forces decide which offences to stop investigating after a primary assessment.

In October 2017, in a move denounced as a “green light to thieve”, the Met said it would screen out more investigations, saying that it would end investigations into many reports of crimes, including burglaries, thefts and assaults, where there was judged to be little prospect of identifying a suspect. The force said the step was necessary to balance the books.

A 2017 investigation by Channel 4 returned the following results:

A 2017 response to an FOI about this issue is attached below.

So, if you get the feeling that your crime report is going nowhere, it might just be that's because it is.

I should emphasise that our local force is not to blame for this. These changes are the result of central government cuts.

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... the cops are still doing the dirty work for the Tory government though... if crime statistics aren't accurate then the government can't be held to account... 

Yes, attempted break in, week and  a half ago.  "screened out" within 7 days even though next door neighbour has some CCTV

Putting aside the politics of it all, the more concerning issue is that this information would possibly encourage criminals to engage in acts of crime that are more likely to be screened out. Imagine - car theft 65% screen out rate X 50% conviction rate = 17% chance of any sort of repercussion. That's a pretty good upside for goods obtained at close to 0 cost.

I think that conclusion was reached a few years ago, probably anecdotally amongst the criminal fraternity.  The drug dealing outside Turnpike Lane was blatant for about a year, and I understand that the Ducketts Common dealers have moved down area around St John Primary/ Stanley Pocket Park.  If I know that from good authority, then why aren't the police stamping down?  

Mavic there were four likely addicts hanging around waiting for The Man in Arnold Bennett Way (an alleyway, just off the High Road)) this evening - one walking up and down muttering "where is the xxxing xxxx"...at the same alleyway I also recently saw two desperate women lighting up crack pipes the instant they got their goods from two lads on push bikes. I have no idea what the police are doing about open drug dealing in residential streets but it's neither obvious nor effective. This is a recent development. I've lived here since 1988 and had never seen this before.

I came out of Turnpike Lane tube one evening recently to see someone hand banknotes to a guy clutching a clear(!) plastic bag full of wraps who then handed the customer a wrap. Absolutely no attempt to conceal their activities suggests they have no fear of the police. I was looking around for the cameras thinking this must be one of those you've been framed things...   

Same here EMC2.  We been living on The Ladder since 1984 and it’s only in the last 12-18 months that I’ve seen such open and blatant dealing.  In the face of losing 20,000 police officers nationally since 2010 and a 10% drop in the number of PCSOs in London in just one year, the lack of street presence is inevitable.

My van has be broken into several times. Happened in early hours on Saturday Morning.                          Advised Police but stated they would be attending- and gave me a crime report number.                        Changing to a old Banger. While I remain in borough.

I Sleep front and often hear breaking Glass on vehicles. Was aware of kids riding around on Bikes with Ball hammers smashing windows. Advised they did it and got hit by owner opening door on them.                  Advised Offender can No longer Ride a Bike

Sat with curtains open the other early Hours could not believe the number of people around.                        Does not make a difference if vehicle is alarmed. as aware they give them a rattle to see if alarmed

Was at Autoglass insurance replacement centre today.                                                                              Watching the number of cars passing through with broken drivers side Window Glass

Joys of living in the Socialist Borough of Haringey. Who do not believe in Rights to have private vehicles in the Borough or Allow community Security Cameras

Associate has a expensive Company car with All Round cameras and sends live feed.                                    When someone broke in they had the pictures and sound.                                                                                But court still did not Jail offenders. Even though be charged many times before

Understand his insurance firm are going for Damages



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