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The council have put out a draft Request for Quotation for a Transport Study of the Harringay area and are asking for comments - to Razak.Mahama@haringey.gov.uk - by the 6th of November.

The link to the page on the council website page about it is:  http://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/roads-and-stree... or the document itself is attached here: Green%20Lanes%20Transport%20Study%20Brief.pdf.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out. From the historical traffic changes in the area we've some reason to be nervous, so for example, its interesting to see what is and isn't included in meeting notes from the traffic meeting mentioned in section 1.4 - no mention at all of the Hewitt No Right Turn prompting the meeting to happen or of the problems that the Hewitt change has caused. And the establishing a stakeholder group of key representatives, which from previous similar groups often seem to be dominated by a few and not always serve some residents so well. But lets be optimistic for now...

As is the councils way, the document is uncopyable text so i can't cutNpaste it in here so here are the pages as scanned images: 


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That was posted by me not FoFP, didn't realize i was still signed in as the Friends group, but too much of a faf to delete and repost all the doc images sorry.

Ant. Thanks for posting this, I was hoping to post something myself some time today.

Personally I think this is a very brave move by the council in terms of openness and willingness to engage. I do not know how many times any of us can remember being asked to help them frame the terms of reference for a piece of work like this. I think this bodes well for the type of inclusion and willingness to hear residents concerns and ideas that Cllr Stuart McNamara tried to show us was intended as part of this process when he stood in front of 100+ folks in March at an earlier community meeting on traffic.

Traffic on the Ladder and in other parts of the borough has been a contentious issue for years, and it has been divisive, setting neighbours against neighbour. This is a once in a generational opportunity to try to come to a solution that provides some equity to residents and find innovative solutions to some of our collective problems. We should also be optimistic about how serious they are about this issue because the council have managed to put significant resources behind this analysis at a time of ever increasing financial pressures (councils are currently modelling between 25-40% cuts next year alone from central government).

The proposal to establish a stakeholder group to help steer the consultancy work in coming to conclusions is an attempt to find a constructive way in managing the very wide variety of opinions different stakeholder groups may hold. If we actually want to come to a positive outcome this is the only way to do it in a way that avoids previous mistakes of top down initiatives where solutions were imposed. That said, it does not mean that if you do not feel your interests are being adequately represented that the process should be closed to your voice, and I understand that there will be a series of public meetings and engagements to ensure voice are heard.

This process was initiated largely because of work by a few concerned Ladder residents earlier this year. We took a view that the Ladder Community Safety Partnership (LCSP) was possibly the best vehicle to try to initiate some kind of review of traffic locally (as an established body with credibility and a record of successful engagement with decision makers). We formed an LCSP Traffic Sub Group in order to provide a platform to represent the interests of everyone across the Ladder, and I am glad to say the we have been successful in catalysing this debate, and to their credit the council have listened and acted. We will continue to represent the Ladder, and welcome both participation and input of thoughts and ideas. I was asked to be chair of this group, and my objective is to be as open and inclusive as possible.

That is not to say that that all folks reading this on HoL will share the same concerns of views of folks on the Ladder. If they are more comfortable with feeding into other stakeholder groups such as the Garden Residents Association, the Friends of Fairland's Park, their school governing bodies etc then they should do so. The process to come to some widely acceptable equitable solution to our collective traffic issues will only work if we all engage positively. That means the Stakeholder Group needs to demonstrate wide participatory legitimacy and the council recognises it needs to engage as widely as possibly on this. So, if you have ideas and opinions I would encourage you to come to the meetings that will be publicised (hopefully in November) and make your voice heard!


Justin Guest

Chair LCSP Traffic Sub-Group

From my experience of him, I think you'll find Cllr Macnamara will be keen to get people involved from all areas. So, if a few people get together and constitute yourselves as a Hermitage group, I imagine that you will be warmly welcomed. Failing that, I suspect individuals would also be encouraged.
Good advice.

When we had the meeting in March some folks spoke who suggested they were part of a Hermitage Road residents association. I am not sure if I have their details, but I am sure you will see them at the next meeting that will hopefully occur in Nov/Dec... I will have a root around and see what I have- you will have to forgive me, it has been 6 months!

I don't think you'll need a formal group at this stage Tris, just email Razak.Mahama@haringey.gov.uk asking to be included, or ping me your email address and i can forward you Razak's initail email about it an and you could reply to that.

Tris. I went back to my notes and could not find the names of the folks I remember speaking. I am not sure I actually got the chance to speak to them at the meeting. If I come across them I will let you know who they are.

I am not sure they are from Warehouse, they said (if I remember) they were from 'North Hermitage Road'. Does that make sense?

Also, are there really 1,000 people in the warehouse district (I mean in the warehouses themselves, not the houses surrounding)?

If it's North Hermitage, I'd guess it's the bit running between St Ann's and Vale Road. Right now I imagine they have very different issues to the rest of Hermitage since traffic still runs freely along that part. U'm sure one of the St Ann's ward councillors could make a connection.

As to the number of people living in the warehouses, I'd say, if you take Omega, Arena, Fed Ex/Catwalk and Overbury, you have at least that number. It's quite high density style living. 

Can we have a twenty mile an hour zone between Manor House an Turnpike Lane please, as a stakeholder group it is an excellent and well overdue point to be pursued, as we have had two courier deaths on Green Lanes and three pedestrian deaths.

Green Lanes is a TFL managed route Matt, and as such the council cannot change the speed limits (I believe)...

I am not sure it is John, is it?



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