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As everyone seems to know how to solve the traffic flow system why don't you have a go at re-flowing the traffic from North to South and East to West to see if any valid solutions can be found, other than not using your car!

Closing off roads isn’t in my opinion an option and only increases traffic flow to our neighbouring areas.

Also attached is how I think could improve traffic flow, in addition to that:

• Width restrictors, two say two per road (flower beds).
• Narrower entrances to the roads (flower beds).
• Speed humps should stay, or be replaced by level topped humps.

I have not taken into account no right/left turns.

There is a blank JPEG for you to mark your one ways.

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Any actual town planners or traffic engineers (or whatever the people who design road systems on here are called) on here?

I can't believe in this day and age that it's impossible to simulate various traffic layouts and work out the best one without having to physically build it. All it takes is some model of how many people want to drive to what locations, a model of the road rules & speeds and voila.

Anyone know if this sort of thing is done - or do the powers that be just guess?
I think I've posted this in the past
On a related note (and possibly selfishly), does anyone know why there is a no right turn into turnpike lane from Wood Green?

any traffic wanting to go that way has to go round Ducketts and then along Lausanne or Raleigh, often at high speed (silver Audi LB05 FYP, practically airborne over the bumps last Saturday, I'm looking at you)

Likewise, traffic from west green road comes round the common and across the ladder rather than queue to turn left at turnpike lane. Here the no left turn at the end of Willoughby forces the traffic along residential roads instead of directly onto the main road.

presumably there are valid historical reasons for this. has anyone any ideas?
Hey! I was the guy on the bike who used his super powers to give you the registration number! He was doing 60 or more. I thought it was a Merc, but hey ho.

There is a left turn at that end of Willoughby Rd, no right hand turn. They just prefer a ladder Rd to avoid the traffic lights. That "traffic island" on Turpike Lane outside Nomad used to be a tram stop with an entrance into the tube station so it's hollow underneath and I suspect the reason there is no right hand turn. That said, right hand turns are dangerous.

Oh, and you're supposed to turn right with the lights up at Alexandra Rd on Wood Green High Street to get onto Turnpike Lane when heading South.
I'm going to report him if i get around to finding the right site. Good to meet you, if only briefly anyway!

apologies for mis-reading the turn sign, that makes much more sense. in my defence I'm new round this end of the ladder, adn only moved in two weeks ago (from the gardens)

I'd argue about right hand turns being dangerous - there's a filter light to turn right going north on green lanes onto westbury avenue (although it doesn't always come on...) There could be an equivalent one for southbounders to turn right onto wood green.

not sure how the traffic island affects things - I'll have a look up there tonight - but lorries come along westbury and straight along turnpike lane all the time with no problem (or have I got the wrong end off the stick?)

again i might be wrong, but you can't go down alexandra if you come out of the shopping city car park (on the east side of the high road) and come out of whymark avenue. (which is what one of my colleagues does)
The Met have a good website here for reporting dangerous driving. When I get time I'm going to do an iPhone app for it.

If you turn right from Willoughby onto Turnpike lane you would turn across the traffic island which I think is difficult to remove. Also I suspect there would just be more accidents at that intersection.
that's the one i wanted - reported it now.

ah, didn't mean that at all, meant turning right from the high road south bound onto turnpike lane



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