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As everyone seems to know how to solve the traffic flow system why don't you have a go at re-flowing the traffic from North to South and East to West to see if any valid solutions can be found, other than not using your car!

Closing off roads isn’t in my opinion an option and only increases traffic flow to our neighbouring areas.

Also attached is how I think could improve traffic flow, in addition to that:

• Width restrictors, two say two per road (flower beds).
• Narrower entrances to the roads (flower beds).
• Speed humps should stay, or be replaced by level topped humps.

I have not taken into account no right/left turns.

There is a blank JPEG for you to mark your one ways.

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Closing off roads isn’t in my opinion an option and only increases traffic flow to our neighbouring areas.

This is not strictly true. If you're heading West you can only cross over in a car at Endymion Rd and Turnpike Lane. People are just avoiding traffic lights by using Wightman.
Well we'll disagree, my point was that you cannot close off say all the Ladder roads as the Gardens have done, it would be gridlock and what about the people on Endymion Rd and Turnpike Lane? Very selfish actions.
Turnpike Lane is not residential and yes, I'd feel pretty sorry for people on Endymion, they already have gridlock.
I correct you, most of the dwellings above the shops are residential, although it may not be classed as a residential street, do they have a lesser say?
By that definition Green Lanes is a residential Street. No, they're welcome to have a say of course but the term "Residential Street" does mean something.
Green Lanes has residential dwellings, yes. It's not a "residential street", I have never said that, you need to read my posts more carefully, but all residents should be considered.
Private Road. Close it off. Residents pay there own maintenance, control entry and exit. Less damage to their road, less maintenance costs, less noise. Children get to play out on their street.

See Aberdeen Park in Highbury. :)

Now, if the Torries are proposing parents run schools maybe they're also planning to pass over roads to residents..... and do away with the need for government (and MPs) altogether. Why would they want to stop at schools and roads after all. Gated communities, private police ....
Pretty stupid idea..

What would happen if 'residents' everywhere were to do this.?
Chaos, as you know. But it's OK in Highbury Stephan it appears. In one street at least.
The problem is Stephen that the Council have implemented some pretty stupid idea schemes locally which have had a very negative impact on the Ladder. The response to our concerns has in the main been disinterested. Putting speed humps on Wightman will do nothing to reduce the traffic levels on my road.

The Council either need to undo the schemes they've implemented or set-up another balancing scheme here.
@Hugh I was refering to the idea of privatising streets.. although you all seem to call them 'roads'.. (do I detect even more snobbery?)

I didn't want to get involved in the 'to hump' or 'not to hump' debate..

You keep going on about this Hugh, a personal crusade if you like but this was put out to the residents all those years ago, each house had a questionnaire which they could fill in and send in. The council acted on residents wishes and we saw an improvement in part, detrimental in others. Taking into consideration what others have said on this matter on and off line, the consensus is it has improved on the whole on the Ladder, your beef with the flow of traffic on some roads is legitimate but your criticism of the improvements eight years ago are not representable.

 I have yet to hear anyone come up with a valid solution only criticism, that’s why I started this thread to hear some viable alternatives rather than some pie in the sky wishes, maybe some one out there can come up with a scheme which will distribute the traffic fairly and calm the traffic down.

Putting speed humps on Wightman will help slow down the traffic on that road, that’s the intension I was unaware it should have an effect elsewhere. As I have stated I see this as work in progress, CPZ, one way, 20mph zone, now lets work on traffic flow, traffic calming measures and illegal usage of the roads. In any of these the reopening of Hermitage is a must, whether the Gardens ‘I’m all right Jack’ system can be overturned, I very much doubt it.

I put this to you, what is the solution, not just for your road but also for the whole of Harringay? Do you think any of my suggestions would help?

Just to add to that ramble, I would imagine any effective system aint going to be cheap and money is in short supply at the moment.



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