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Towards the end of last week, a notice from Haringey Council was posted through my door with some information about revised street cleaning arrangements and an invitation to provide feedback as part of a consultation on the effectiveness of these new arrangements.

I was keen to maximise the participation in this feedback process. So I thought I’d put a note on the site here. Before doing that however, I wanted to check some background. The notice was addressed to me as a Hewitt Road Resident and explained that only certain roads would benefit from this improved street cleaning. I thought I ought to find out which other roads were included before putting anything on the site (maybe that was the wrong decision given the consultation timescale. Sorry.)

Yesterday Haringey returned my call and I spoke to a very helpful chap, Chris Collins, in Waste Management who gave me the names of the roads affected by the new scheme. In a nutshell, it’s pretty much all of the roads in Harringay (see this Google Map for my definition of Harringay). Yet it was the subsequent conversation, which arose from a few additional questions I posed, that was to prove the most interesting. The outcome of the conversation is summarised below. (I’m afraid that there are certain gaps in the information I have because the list Chris was working from was arranged by day and covered the whole borough. So it was difficult for him to pick out all the roads – but I think we covered 90%):

1. Most roads in Harringay are swept once a week. EXCEPT, Rutland Gardens, Stanhope Gardens which are swept twice a week with the ends near to Green Lanes swept daily. (These more intensive cleaning arrangements may also cover Roseberry and Kimberley (sorry - info gap), BUT not Chesterfield or any Ladder roads). I imagine Green Lanes is also cleaned daily.

2. Under the new arrangements most roads in Harringay are now getting a 'litter-pick' once a week. BUT for the Ladder roads this litter-pick covers only the western end of the roads, that is to say the part between the Passage and Wightman. AND WITH THE EXCEPTION of Sydney, Raleigh (and perhaps a couple of the neighbouring streets – info gap here) whose entire length is litter-picked.

Go figure, does that make sense to you? Where I’m not sure about certain roads in the info above I have made that clear. Should you want to check your own road, you can contact Chris Collins on 020 8489 5668.

(I have emailed Chris with the above details and asked hin to correct any errors and fill in any gaps. I will let you know if I get a response).

So now we have a consultation, please respond on the 3 specific questions they ask:

1. Have you noticed the litter pickers?
2. Do you think they are doing a good job?
3. Does your street look cleaner?

But, if you feel it is appropriate you may also decide to comment on the logic of the general cleaning schedule.

The email address for responses is streetscene@haringey.gov.uk The deadline is 1st February. (NOW EXTENDED TO 8TH - see my "reply" below.)

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So litter between passage and Green Lanes on the ladder is dealt with only once a week by the sweeper, is that right?

So the kebab wrapper/Tennant's super/fag packet droppers will kindly leave their rubbish at the far end of my street instead of on my wall, I guess.
Yup. I live on a highly pampered western end, but if I had to guess I'd say it's likely that the eastern ends get more litter. Who know, maybe they've done their study. But do you really think so?
Go figure indeed, I don't see the logic to this at all. I live on Seymour Road and it is the section between the passage and Green Lanes that has the most litter, a lot of it coming from take aways. It seems really odd to do it this way.

I've not noticed the litter pickers at all, though I regularly see the main sweeper who does a great job. My main bugbear is that a lot of the problems with litter come from the rubbish collection (in our road on Fridays) - bags splitting, not being picked up etc. This then swills around until the litter pickers arrive ...

Thanks for the email address re the consultation, I'll email.
You don't need a study, you just need eyes!

Alison is right, the takeaways generate a lot of rubbish and most people seen to have finished their chicken just before they make it to the passage! A litter bin at this point in every road might help.

The road sweeper for Warham is good (maybe I should nominate for a WOW) but , like Alison, even on the odd occasion when I go west I have seen no litter pickers. Guess I better send an email. When's the deadline (it didn't show on the posting)?
Deadline is 1st Feb - now added on to post - thanks
Just had a call back from the very helpful Chris and Haringey have agreed to extend the consultation deadline to 8th February (and they'll probably take into account views received up to 15th February)
On the odd logic front, if Sydney, Raleigh, Hampden and Lausanne Roads are swept the full length (are they really?), maybe it's because they are shorter roads as they have Ducketts Common at the end of them, and (this is even more logical) because they are flat, so you don't have to push anything up or down a hill...

On another note, we eventually realised that all the chicken wrappers and nappies etc that appeared overnight in our garden were gifts from the foxes. Same ones that used to clatter around the bins in the small hours.
Not sure the foxes are drinking Tennant's super and smoking Embassy on our wall at night but I guess they might be responsible for the raw chicken that my cat likes to bring into the house!!
Apparently at least Sydney & Hampden are swept twice a week. I'm guessing the other two may be, because likle S & H, they apparently weren't on the litter picking list.

There may be a good reason. I'm not saying it's wrong. I'm just trying to help people be better informed. If people don't think their street is kept clean (or if you're very happy with your street cleaning), I urge you to use this consultation to say so.

On the fox front, when I started this site, I started doing a blog. But blog and forum got confusing. So I stopped. I did a blog on my fox exeriences, which is still there with some comments.
Thanks for the info on the road sweeping. It's great that you are helping us to keep informed. I didn't really mean for the foxes to divert attention from your good intentions.
I see these guys quite often and there doesn't seem any logic the councils structure.

As much as I woul like to see more frequent litter patrols, I would also like to see any convictions for those who decide to drop litter or fail to pick up their dog's recycled Chum. Although the council have spent thousands on campaiging and educating about the dog mess issue, there has not been one conviction in our area.

What's the point in having laws and fines of upto a thousand pounds if it is never going to be implimented.

It's the culture of dropping litter that needs to be addressed long term.

I spent a night out In Edinbugh a few years back and the kitten heels were killing me so I went bare foot. At the end of the long night my feet were mucky but I stepped in no broken glass, no dog mess, no food /beer ...(and I'd had a few ales) and this was in the partying bit. Can you imagine doing that on a London street? People just did not seem to cast their litter down where they stood.

Here, on the other hand, I saw a woman (not a young one) throw a can down. When her young daughter told her off, she replied 'Oh you've got to give the street cleaners something to do' ...boiling blood? you bet! But I'm cautious about challenging people on litter after narrowly avoiding a punch up with a bloke at a bus stop after I asked (another) bloke to put his wrapper in the bin. Luckily the bus came and I jumped on before he whacked me. Blimey, now I've gone off on a bit of a rant!



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