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I am having to post this here as I cannot reply to the original posting - from Liz 18 February.


The letter from NetworkRail to their "Railway Neighbours" dated 1 February states work will start on 22 February. I phoned NetworkRail to query the start date, quoting the press release date of 26 February. The person I spoke to couldn't find the press release, their info is that the start date is 22 February.

The letter to their "Railway Neighbours" states that on 22 February a site compound will be set up in Jewsons. Work will then be carried out during the day, however 24 hour working will be required between 26 - 28 February and 23 - 25 April - so get the ear plugs out.

With regard to the word "office" and what is going to be built, the letter to their "Railway Neighbours" just says that "we are installing a new office on the platform...." and the press release states "“We need to build the new office on platform 1 first, so that the one on the bridge can close." So it's not surprising if people think that the office will be a ticket office.

NB - I couldn't read the blog - "File not found (404 error)"

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