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Shame, I occasionally buy extension tickets (60+ Oyster) to beyond Crews Hill from the helpful staff at Alex Palace station. I don't know how to do that on a ticket machine, I suspect that AP will be the next one on the list for closure.

I haven't tried it yet, but today the Harringay ticket office staff assured me that for Freedom Pass or 60+Oyster card holders, buying tickets from Crews Hill to stations north of there can be done on the machine outside the week-to-go-till-closure ticket office.

The other 'last station' inside the Freedom Pass/60+ boundary (towards Welwyn) is Hadley Wood.

A second machine is to be installed imminently they also said, pointing to a newly made hatch for it.

I wouldn't be too despondent about AP, it has longer opening hours (also Saturday till mid-afternoon) than Harringay or Hornsey.

I've tried the 'choose different departure station' option now, it works fine.

Image 1 - the 'Start' screen. Touch the ''A-Z destination finder' tile.

Image 2: the next screen. The large tile on right-hand side states:

'Press here to choose different departure station or extend your Travelcard'.

You then get a 'type the letters' screen and go on from there.  The pictures are a bit ropey since the screen is in full daylight and hard to see or photograph.

When I buy a 60-plus Oyster extension ticket at a station ticket office, they are usually marked 'London fare zone 6' to wherever I'm heading - i.e. I don't have to know which is the appropriate last station to buy the ticket from. Is there a similar option here?

There is no such 'button' or tile on the ticket machine, regrettably; one needs to check the Freedom Pass/Oyster 60+ map to find the last valid station, then book onwards from there as shown above.

Link to Oyster 60+ map here  [PDF, it will load to most smartphones].

Johnson started it with Tube ticket offices.

Overground now see an opportunity and National Rail will not be far behind!


My photo. from the good old days when we had a permanent booking office, pre-1966-ish.




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