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A tweet this morning linked me to a London Shopfronts website which includes a good scattering of Harringay Shops.

I'm not sure when the photos used on the website were taken, but looking at the page for N4, I have the impression that most of those shown on Harringay's stretch of Green Lanes have changed from what's shown.

A sign of how our high street is smartening up? Or is this all just post-holiday hallucination?

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Paphos Cars is on Upper Tollington Park, and the Faros sandwich shop is on Seven Sisters near Finsbury Park tube and both still look exactly like their pictures. I think all the others (maybe except the laundrette, which I don't recognise) are on Green Lanes.

If you click through on the N4 link in the text, you'll find more.

Poundline and the Launderette are the same (bottom of my road on GL). My memory of Faros from when I lived that side of the Park was that they make a darned fine sandwich even if they lack the kerb appeal of the more 'upmarket' sarnie shops.

I'm pretty sure that a fair few of those are from Blackstock Road in Finsbury Park.

None at all for N17...

Laundrette is all I recognise....and possibly Pound Line.

Hi Hugh and everyone, I took most of the photos on the site between 2009 and now, some of those pictured above (e.g. Paphos Cars and Faros) were a couple of weeks ago. If you look at them on flickr, you can see the dates taken - the set is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emilywebber/sets/72157609709683438/

Emily (a.k.a London Shop Fronts a.k.a. yeah! Hackney



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