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Is anyone else annoyed at the fact that you have to scan your receipt to leave the self check-out area at Sainsbury's in Harringay Arena?

I asked to see a manager about it a few weeks ago, who told me theirs was a trial shop for this procedure - although I suspect that's the way things are going. I replied that if Sainsbury's really wanted to continue losing customers to nearby Aldi, that was the way to do it.

To press home my point, I asked to see a manager again yesterday, only to be told by customer services that if told it was about the "barriers", no manager would come and speak to me.  I insisted that the manager be called all the same, and he/she - indeed - refused to come and talk to me.

As a customer, I feel I need to prove my honesty before I'm even let out of the store, and this is making shopping at Sainsbury's less and less attractive.

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For the first 2 times I'd put the receipt at the bottom of my shopping bag, so I had to completely unpack it to find the receipt, that was very annoying. I've now learned to keep the receipt out, however I very rarely go to the Harringay Sainsburys so it's very likely I could forget again. I tend to go to the Hornsey one more often and I don't think they have that system there.

It is annoying, especially when the receipts don't scan.

It holds up the staff too, when their staff pass doesn't scan...

I've taken to just leaving through the entrance of the checkout tills—the path of least resistance. 

I move the camera to the side and then either tailgate someone else leaving or retrace my steps and leave via an alternative route. I'm not a criminal and resent being treated as one. Sainsbury's needs to realise we are customers not 'consumer units'.

Don't shop there. Use Aldi's instead. If Sainsbury want to play like idiots then let them. 

I am not averse to testing out new technology as long as they work, and when I try to scan my receipt to leave, the scanner doesn't work approximately 40% of the time. I've taken to simply exiting via the self-scan entrance instead of waiting for the over-worked staff to let me out. I don't blame the staff, it's not their fault that the equipment doesn't work as intended, but I don't think I need to suffer from Sainsbury loss prevention division's poor choice of technology vendors. 

I have less problems with scanning my receipt than having to use the self-check out area in the first place. I get that they probably have a problem with theft so I understand why they want receipts scanned. If they just had more staff at the check out then more people could use that. That Sainsbury's is becoming more of a miserable experience with hardly any staff about to do anything. I also find the quality of food has worsened. 

It’s so annoying it never works and I can’t imagine it does a thing to stop theft because sirelt a thief wouldn’t be paying in the first place. They will just be waltzing  back out they front doors while us innocent paying folk stand there for 10 mins trying to scan our receipts 

All over Europe supermarkets have had these barriers/bar code exit for years with no problem.  Better than getting collared by staff randomly stopping you based on their perception of who is likely to be stealing.  We all know what that can lead to.

Do people realise they are being watched on CCTV in store anyway?  All shops assume customers are thieves, even Aldi, which has CCTV in the store too.



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