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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

In January we reported on an application made by Harringay's Green Lanes traders for a further £40,000 to create a new pocket park for Harringay. (Full description further down in the thread).

Today the London Mayor's office has announced that the local bid has been successful and we will be getting the funding from the Pocket Parks programme.

So, that's another big pat on the back for Rob Tao of the Traders' association!

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That is good news!

Great news! Any idea about timelines for this and the other Green Lane improvements, all seems to have one quiet?

Early summer onwards is the latest date I've been given.

Great news. Thank you to all for their hard work in putting this together.

Well done Rob for putting some green back into the lanes. Excellent news!

Brilliant news, look forward to finding out more.

Can't wait to see it, sounds like a very welcome addition to the area!

Apparently there is to be another pocket park locally. £60,000 was also given for a park in Stanley Road. I'm guessing it's this little area.

Great news on Stanley Road park gaining funding.......not far from me and in desperate need of some TLC! Thanks to whoever submitted the application.

Hi David, I'm glad you're pleased about it. I am over the moon. It's happened as a result of my last minute request to Parks service/ground work to make a bid. I've waited for such an opportunity for a long time. If you're around I'm doing a site visit tomorrow at 3.30pm. Pls join me if you can.

Who should be thanked for the bid? I thought it was Rob Tao of the traders association. I don't think making a "request" for the Park service/ground work to make a bid warrants taking the glory here. I was always told self praise is no praise! 

We should thanks Rob Tao, not the usual spin doctors.

aka - politicans.



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